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A TFD & UBD Announcement

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The Blue United Division Treaty

A PIAT between UBD and The Foreign Division


In the interest of setting in stone an open and honest friendship, one of cooperation and peace between two sovereign alliances, the United Blue Directorate and The Foreign Division hereby sign this treaty and vow to honor the following articles.

Section I:

Both alliances remain sovereign of each other and retain their respective membership.

Section II, Article a:

In the interests of securing continuous peace, both alliances shall refrain from engaging in acts of hostility towards each other. Any nation belonging to either signatory found to be in violation of this article will be ordered to offer peace and an agreement shall be arranged that incorporates reparations. Any nation failing to comply with those arrangements will be dealt with via the corresponding signatories judicial policy including but not limited to expulsion. Any matters shall be dealt with swiftly and privately and good humor shall prevail throughout.

Section II, Article b:

Neither signatory will engage in acts of espionage against one another. Information regarding each others security gained via an outside source; may be passed on to the connected government official without identifying their source.

Section III:

Both alliances and their memberships shall address each other in an amicable and pleasant manner at all times including the areas of the main CN forum, off-site forums and through any other means of communication.

Section IV:

Should either alliance become involved in a defensive war, they may request for assistance in the means of military force, financial aid, or other assistance from their fellow signatory. This is an optional decision but is encouraged as good gestures promote lasting friendship. Financial aid may be offered or requested during peace times for specific purposes but compliance is not mandatory. If a global conflict should arise where both signatories are involved, no matter where the lines are drawn, aid should be discussed and continued assistance and support promoted to ensure lasting friendship.

Section V, Article a:

Should things not work out and no agreements can be made to stop this treaty from ending, 48 hours notice of cancellation shall be given by the acting signatory.

Section V, Article b:

Any violation of these terms shall be considered an illegal violation of this treaty, wherein as stipulated in Section V, Article a, a 48 hour notice may be given to the offending party by the other. In such a case, the 48 hour cancellation window shall be applied from the moment of notice.

Signed for United Blue Directorate:

Lyons - Director

GrimCity - Director

Russell07 - Director

Signed for The Foreign Division:

Speaker Italgria

Senator Herbert

Senator KingAdam

Senator GearHead

Senator tagmoute

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lusitan

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This treaty is win.

UBD have always been pretty cool people. They stick together when the going gets tough, and they just purely rock when things are cool.

The friendship has been there for a while now. It's nice to put this into writing.

o/ UBD

o/ TFD

o/ Friendship

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I hope this treaty marks a renewed friendship between TFD and UBD. Also, thanks to Lusitan who worked so hard preparing this document.

o/ TFD

o/ UBD

o/ Lusitan

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