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Conference for North African Peace

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ooc: Please do not enter this thread unless you have an active interest in the ongoing conflict in Africa. That category will include a lot of material, but any content not relevant to that war needs to stay out. Thanks in advance.


In Bengaluru a 5 star hotel with a conference center adjacent had been hijacked by the government using fully legal financial instruments known as much cash. Reservations had been made for up to 500 people, for the delegations that would be arriving from the various states and their support teams. Anthony Davis had set up an ad-hoc command and communications center deep in the conference center, just outside the conference room that had been set aside for the discussion. In the conference room, he waited quietly for the other delegations to attend, doing his day to day business there as if he were still sitting in the capitol building.

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The Republic of Free Somal sends Colonel Jack O'Niel to the conference. He arrives with a large bag of video tapes, a video player, and a TV that he has set up in the corner.

OOC: Sorry, but I couldn't resist commenting on that. Daniel Jackson was my President before the transition in governments.

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*Private to Anthony Davis*

Taeunas would like to send a small delegation, as we would like to observe what happens to the Aether Empire. Would this be permissible?

OOC: It's O'Niell.. with two L's! *holds up three fingers*

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The Nation of Nod will send its Minister of Internal Affairs, in lieu of the Executive Minister himself, as he is currently precoccupied with civil defence and political stability within the NoN.


Minister Nyani is a South African National, who fully embodies the NoN's goals - she also has a personal stake in this conflict, as her husband is currently involved in the battle located in Kolfe district.

OOC:(Guys I'm heading out, ill be able to post again in about 9 hours from now)

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OOC: I still dunno if I should send a rep...if not, ignore this.



General Sergei Gogol was uncharacteristically silent as he arrived at the conference. What he'd been told about his nation's involvement was troubling, and he took his seat without greeting any of his fellow representatives.

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Gen. Mahesh Varma arrived at the conference room. Though not wearing his customary military tunic he was looking well at ease in the Savile Row suit. He is carrying a PDA where the latest updates from RCDF General Staff are streaming in.

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The General saluted the Chairman and sat down.

"Sir, I hope you dont have a No Smoking rule here? I am of the opinion that every diplomatic talk has to be accompanied by Nicotine. It is one of the traits I had most admired in Bismarck."

The General opened his pack of Kings and offered one to the Chairman.

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"Welcome Mr. Gogol." He then stated to both delegations, "We're just waiting for the representatives from Mecahdamia, Nod, and Raochin to land and this conference will begin. Word is they are already in flight and will be here soon."
Mohamed Hazzan walked in quietly and took a seat. When he did, he got out his pad of paper and a pen. "So who are we waiting for?"

Gogol nodded to Davis in acknowledgement of the wait. When the RA representative entered, he answered the question. "Mechodamia, Nod, and Raochin."

He then recalled at least one other nation that should have been there, speking to Anthony Davis. "Wait, what about the Aether Empire? Shouldn't they be represented here?"

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