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5BR Purple Trade Circle/Uranium

Ragnar Lothbrok

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Looking for;



Aluminium: Cadmium

Pigs: Ragnar Lothbrok


Lead: Ragnar Lothbrok


Lumber: Supreme Empress

Fish: Cadmium


Rubber: Supreme Empress



+10.5$ Income

+20.7% citizens

+3.5 happiness

-35.2% Infra cost

-14.5% land cost

+38% land bonus

+63.9% soldier efficiency

-6$ soldier cost

-20% Cruise Missle cost

-20% Nukes cost

-8% tanks cost

-19.3% navy cost

-15.2 Aircraft cost

+10 Aircraft limit

-23.7% infra upkeep

-1$ soldier upkeep

-17% tank upkeep

-60% nuke upkeep

-31.6 navy upkeep

-25% aircraft upkeep

PM in-game: Danegeld or post here

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