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The Hanseatic Economic Union

Sarah Tintagyl

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For a Hanseatic economist, all one would have to do is look at a map of the Pacific Rim and a very interesting spectacle would catch one's eye. With the signing of the Mutual Economic Pact with Yuktobania, the Hanseatic currency no stretched from the polar regions of Kamchatka, south to Vladivostok, further south to Japan, to Borneo, Eastern Australia, and finally down to the Dranaggian held South Pole. Yuktobania, Aiginor, the Hanseatic Commonwealth, and Dranagg all either used or were in the process of implementing the Hanseatic Mark into their economies. This presented a very interesting opportunity for the nations of the Western Pacific. In addition to the heightened stability that was due to the rise of Pax Pacifica and the Dragon Empire, economic competition was low. Or at least from the Hansa and her allies, her allies, that were closer politically and economically at least.

Now the Mark was traded far and wide across the Pacific, but there now rested a greater dream. The Hansa alone was no economic giant, while they had trade rights with nearly every country in the Pacific and most throughout the world and while they and Dranagg both had a steady supply of natural and mineral resources at their doorstep, Sarah at least felt like a newcomer to the economic world. However that did not deter ambition. The four countries in question, were proven as hearty people, strong willed and worked, with abundant resources and economic prowess to make all of the states rich. It would just take organizing, everything always just took organizing.

TO: The Heads of State of: Dranagg, Yuktobania, and Aiginor

FROM: The desk of Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

Over the past few months, our countries have grown in various ways. Whether diplomatically from the war in Europe, culturally through various open border agreements, and economically due to lax tariffs and increased trading rights. Our countries however share a much stronger bond rather than names on papers and oaths. Currency, has made the world spin since the dawn of time and for any ruler to forget the strengths of economic strength they are truly not fit to lead. We have a common gift, that our economies, our currencies are united under one coin, one bill. This being the case there are many chances for our people to have the full riches that come with cooperation. Currency has set nations apart for so long, but I believe that with the Mark actively traded or getting ready to be actively traded in said states we have an advantage.

Therefore, I believe that organization of our currency is imperative at this point and that if we can advise each other on our own industry and commercial economies we can unite to become an economic power in the world. I invite you to Brisbane, where I wish to enact the first Hanseatic Economic Union, bringing together our economies, united under organized direction. At this summit, I would like to talk about the economic challenges that face our nations. How better we can produce and refine our resources. What our states produce industrially and how can we begin to decrease our import quota to raise products exported.

I await to see you in Brisbane with questions, concerns, and ideas for the future.

Upon arrival, the diplomats, representatives, economists, and heads of state would be taken to Park Avenue, newly constructed into the economic hub of Brisbane that it had been before. There they were rushed to the new HEU headquarters and taken up to a conference room, where Sarah and her economic advisers, along with executives from the Pacific Trading Company awaited to begin talks to further bring together the Hanseatic Mark.

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Seeing that the other ministers had arrived, Sarah stood up from the table and smiled. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad that you are all able to make it today. For all of us gathered right now, we have one thing in common. A common currency, the Hanseatic Mark. Our countries are no doubt considered small on the world scale, however together we can do great things for ourselves. The first things are that with resource trading and the deletion of tariffs from trade will let our local economies grow much further. However, the "national" economy cannot be run by just one person. Which is why I have called you all here today. The Hansa may have been the first country to use Hanseatic Marks, but we are not the only one and now we all have business in each others industry and commerce."

"The Hanseatic Economic Union will handle this problem. A council of economists will be in control of maintaining industry, banking, commerce, and investment in our four countries. Mining, farming, shipping, everything. The question is, are you willing to commit to this type of friendship and union. If not then there is no need for this meeting. This of course will not be a system of voting, but a system of advice and consideration for our own countries. Research, along with other methods. Competition is fierce and only the strong will survive. So ladies and gentlemen, shall we combine our Mutual Economic Pacts into one?"

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President Lucas spoke up.

"Even though Aigin-Hanseatic relations are to be expected to be almost non-existant at the moment, this kind of friendship and cooperation is the first step toward a closer friendship. I say we combine our economies under the Hanseatic Economic Union."

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Sarah looked over at the Yuktobanian diplomat and smiled, seeing him still thinking then turning to the others, brought out a piece of paper from a folder. "While Yuktobania still must decide, I would like to show the format of the treaty and record your signatures down. So we can begin discussion on more economic policies."

The Hanseatic Economic Union

Article I- Justification

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) has been formed for better economic cooperation between nations that use or at the very least beginning the implementation the Hanseatic Mark as their national currency. Nations will pursue strong economic relations with other members of the currency, this will including sharing of all national resources, industrial and commercial production, and capital wealth. This Union is not closed and will be open to nations that seek to join our common partnership of currency. This organization will seek to spread the wealth of the Hanseatic Mark around the globe through economic trade rights and commercial banking.

Article II- Sovereignty

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) is not and under no circumstances will ever become a national entity (OOC: This is not or never will be a merger). All nations are free to pursue relations, diplomatic, economic, or militaristic with any nation on Earth. No Union member is allowed to station military personnel in another signatories nation in response to THIS treaty. However, if other treaties are active, of a military binding nature, this Union will not interfere. The Union only requires the attendance of national leaders to forward a common economy and currency in the Pacific and beyond.

Article III- Non Aggression

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) is a peaceful organization and members will vow not to engage in any such actions that would be detrimental to the well being of another sovereign member of the Union. Therefore, all members agree not to engage in actions of espionage, trade sanctions, embargoes, or active open hostility with other members of the Union.

Article IV- Mutual Economy

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) is based on the value of the Hanseatic Mark. All countries in the Union have showed an interest or have fully implemented the Mark into their economy. Therefore, all natural and industrial resources of one country are equally owned by other nations in the Union. For example, the Hansa has as much claim on mineral resources mined in Dranagg as Yuktobania has claim on oil refined in Hanseatic Borneo. As such resources, exploits, innovations, and inventions to be shared equally among the signatories of this Pact. In addition that all currency of the signatories to be set at a Market Standard between the signatories economic status.

Article V- The Council

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) will be under no set rule to prevent corruption or economic superiority from one country. However to better organize a far-flung economy such as our own, a board of Councilors will be created to propose ideas, enact economic laws pertaining to the Union. While the Council has no power to restrict a nation from implementing certain economic changes in their nation, a nation should respect certain actions, for the simple fact that the economic changes in one country will effect the economic strength in other nations of the Union.

Article VI- Economic Collapse

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) is tied to the relative economic success of member nations. If a member nation shows signs of economic trouble, it is the duty of other members of the Union to help prop up local industries to prevent recession and/or economic depression from traveling across the Union.

Article VII- Amendments

The Hanseatic Economic Union (HEU) Constitution will be amended by the Economic Council to rectify changes happening in the Union and our currency in the global economy. Amendments will be voted on my all member nations in the council before the Constitution is changed.

Article VIII- Withdrawal

Member nations have the right to withdraw from the Union at any time, following at least a year notice due to economic instability during that time. If a member nation also wishes to expel the Mark from their national currency, further precaution will need to be take to ensure that no economic damage will occur to other Union members.

For the Hanseatic Commonwealth,

Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector

For the Yuktobanian SFSR

Demetri Petrenko, Deputy Prime Minister

For The Republic of Dranagg

Sophia Patt, Foreign Minister

Telfa Rizors, Minister of Trade and Natural Resources

Tahsir Re, Ruler of The Republic of Dranagg -Authorized Proxy-

For the Republic of Aiginor,

Kyle Lucas,President of Aiginor

Gabriel Bevan,Vice-President of Aiginor

"I will only need signatures and then we can begin to enact our first policies of this Council." Sarah turned back to the Yuktobanian diplomat. "But there is no rush whatsoever." She said smiling.

OOC: I know I put my lock up in the thread...sorry, I forgot to post this last night. Please forgive me.

Edited by Sarah Tintagyl
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