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Chargin' Charlie Enters the thunderdome


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Chargin' Charlie enters the dome like structure and is immediately struck by two obvious facts. First, he has no idea as to his current location other than that he woke up this morning with a lump on the back of his head of rather ominous size. Second, the only real shelter is that of the large metal dome that he has just entered, which is surrounded for miles around by sand and endless heat. As he enters the dome the door behind him slams shut locking him inside the building. He normally would be a bit bent out of shape about such things, but at least the building provides some shade.

He pulls of his sweat drenched shirt and reveals a well proportioned chest filled with hard rip cord looking muscles. The occasional scar or two testify to his encounters with those bearing less than a charitable nature. These sort of encounters generally tended to end up with Chargin' Charlie fighting his way free with one of the many dirty fighting tricks that he's learned over the years. Fighting fair just isn't in Chargin' Charlie's dictionary and he has said in the past, "People who fight fair are morons."

Charlie's no moron and he's well versed in the arts of killing, maiming, and when no one is looking a bit of torture. To say he's a nice guy is a gross overstatement. He's not a nice person and the hard look on his face shows it. His tall six foot three body is lean and fit. His weight is rested forward rather than on the balls of his feet.While he is of reasonable strength his true abilities rest in being able move quickly. Old Chargin' Charlie can cover forty meters faster than most people can blink, well perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it suffices to say he's fast. Part of this can be attributed to him being minimally equipped and more or less unencumbered.

Charlie's hands are empty, his feet covered with a pair of standard issue jump boots, and he has nothing in particularly in his pockets. Luckily though not far away he spots an axe hanging from the wall. Taking the heavy weapon off the wall he inspects the thick wooden handle and the pick and blade assembly on the top of it. He hefts the axe a few times to get its weight and considers trying to use it to cut his way out of the building, but for the time being he decides to simply sit down and take a few drinks of water from a conviently located canteen that someone must have carelessly left lying about.

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Sergeant First Class Sum Ting Wong doesn't like the desert. As far as he's concerned, it's big, it's empty, it's hot, and it can $%&@ itself. It doesn't make much sense that he would bring himself here of his own free-will; however, he finds himself in the desert regardless. His head throbs as he gets to his feet. The only thing he could see around him was a large structure serving no distinct purpose. Naturally, he decides to explore it.

As soon as he steps through the open door, it slams shut behind him. Not the smartest thing he's ever done, but Wong doesn't seem to mind it much. As a Palintinian special forces operative, he's learned not to let things beyond his control get him. He still has no clue how he got here or why his head hurts, but he could probably venture a guess if he tried. He took a moment to examine himself for the first time being. He was in his ACUs; however, he lacked a very significant amount of equipment. Namely, all of it. He patted his pockets and discovered even his wallet was gone. Wong took off his ACU coat; no point in wearing it. This revealed that he was in pretty excellent shape with very good muscle definition.

Sergeant Wong was a Palintinian Cobra Commando. He was head-and-shoulders above just any regular grunt, and he liked to think this of himself. He has ran numerous combat missions on the Palintinian frontier during the country's civil unrest, everything from routine patrols to search-and-capture ("escort" missions) missions under heavy fire. He was a master of the standard issue M16 and Colt M1911 pistol, and extremely well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. He has nineteen confirmed kills, six of them with a knife. He's been awarded a few medals for heroics as well as unit citations. To say Sum Ting Wong is good at what he does would only be a generally accurate statement.

Wong should've examined the room before actually doing all of this because he would have noticed the large man with the two-handed ax standing not too far away. When he finally did, he couldn't help feeling silly. He examined the room around him, and found that there were weapons on the wall. He just stood still, examining the man in front of him and wondering his intentions.

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Chargin' Charlie notices the other fellow enter into the room. He has that look of having a sore knob just like himself. He can sort of sympathize with the guy so he stands up and leans the axe against the wall. He points to the canteen with his free hand and points to the stranger to give the message that there is water and it is coming his way. After doing that he walks towards Sum Ting Wong with the half full canteen in his hand. He says, "You look thirsty, stranger," in English with a look on his face that doesn't imply malice or threat.

He stops about four feet away to keep himself out of foot range of a good kick in the short hairs and he sets the canteen on the ground and backs away. While he doesn't mind being sociable and sharing his water with this new arrival, he is intent on not having his head caved in. As he backs away he says, "I bet you took the same trip I did and woke up face down in a sand dune this morning," in English again. He hopes the guy understands what he is saying, but if he doesn't he has a few other languages he can try.

Well, at least enough words in a few other languages to order a beer and a woman. Not much more than that, but what do you really expect from a guy like Chargin' Charlie who has the reputation for being the ear collecting aficionado of the African Legion?


Charlie's weapon..

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