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Event: help pls


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A neighboring nation has large tracts of land that is ripe for the taking. You can enter peaceful negotiations and offer to purchase land or you may opt to prepare your military to take the land by force.

Option 1: Begin negotiations to purchase the land from the neighboring nation. Land purchase costs -5%.

Option 2: Prepare our army to invade and capture the neighboring land. Soldiers and Tank purchase costs -2%.

i kinda lost in translation here please discuss... tnx

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Basically this event is either going to give you a discount on Land or on Soldiers and Tanks.

Option 1 is good generally for those with large amounts of land already where as Option 2 may benefit someone who's in war more than anything else. Even though you don't have much land, I'd recommend going with Option 1 that way you can buy some land cheaper than usual, plus land is a more permanent thing for you to buy and will help you out more in the long run. Like infrastructure or tech.

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both options won't help you at all in the long run as land isuseless and soldiers only cost a couple of dollars anways but pick option one if you have high pop density

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