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Epicurean Declaration of Existence

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Dear Citizens of Cyberverse,

Today I am proud to announce the new alliance, Epicurean! For those of you that aren't familiar with the term "Epicurean", I invite you to visit the following Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epicureanism. Unlike many other alliances that form, we do not aim to reach sanction or change the cyberverse with our ideals. Rather we aim to enjoy the game and have fun. Without further ado, I'd also like to present you with our charter:


  1. Preamble
    Epicurean is an alliance dedicated to fun, growth and friendly relations with the other alliances and individuals on Planet Bob. We believe an active community is essential to building a strong alliance, so we value participation and activity both within the alliance and the cyberverse. This charter serves as a guide and embodies the spirit of the Epicurean alliance.
  2. Membership Policy

    1. Any nation in good standing within Planet Bob is free to apply for membership.
    2. Each application will be assessed individually. Epicurean reserves the right to reject any application.
    3. Epicurean may suspend accepting new applications if it is considered to be in the best interest of the alliance.
    4. New members are subject to a 30 day trial period.
    5. Members must have their team colour set to Aqua within 30 days of becoming of a member.
    6. Members are not permitted to leave Epicurean during times of war without the express permission of the Emperor.

[*]Foreign Policy

  1. Members will treat the alliances and individuals of Planet Bob with respect.
  2. Members are encouraged to constructively contribute to discussions on the Open World RP Forums.

[*]Government Structure

  1. Epicurean's government and chain of command is as follows:
    Minister of Defense
    Minister of Internal Affairs
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Minister of Economics
    Minister of Education
  2. The Emperor has absolute authority over Epicurean.
  3. In the absence of the Emperor, the Successor will take on the role of the Emperor, until such time that he or she returns.

[*]Tech Raiding

  1. Tech raiding is strictly prohibited.

[*]ZI Policy

  1. Epicurean defines ZI as the following:

    [*]Epicurean may sentence a nation or group of nations to ZI or PZI where it feels it is appropriate.

    [*]Epicurean will not sentence any individual, nation or group of nations to EZI.

    [*]Charter Violations

    1. Any member who violates the charter may be subject, but not limited to, the following forms of punishment:

      Signed by the founding members,




      For those of you who are keen to get know us better, we welcome you to visit our forums at http://www.cn-epicurean.com or chat with on IRC (#cn-epicurean on irc.coldfront.net).

      Lastly, we would like to thank Ragnarok, who will protecting us as we grow!

  2. Expulsion
  3. ZI or PZI

ZI (Zero Infrastructure) - The act of waging war on a nation until such time that the nation has zero infrastructure and/or technology.
PZI (Permanent Zero Infrastructure) - The act of continuously waging war on a nation to reduce and keep the nation at zero infrastructure and/or technology. If a nation rerolls with the same persona, they may still be subject to PZI.
EZI (Eternal Zero Infrastructure) - The act of continuously waging war against a particular individual to reduce and keep their nation at zero infrastructure, regardless of their nation or persona.
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