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FIRE Announcement

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From The Desk Of The Fire Lord

People of the Cyberverse,

I'm certain most of you have heard of the Government Coup that occurred in FIRE. This coup was the result of a man putting himself above the entire alliance. Carter was given a Vote of No Confidence by the entire Government and refused to resign. Some of us left in hoping not to cause harm to an alliance we loved dearly. Others stayed on and were eventually banned by Carter for the simple reason of disagreeing with him and thus he was couped. If the people and Government have no faith in you then it is your time to go. That being said, the New Fire Government will be attempting to clean up all of Carter's messes for the final time. He has been expelled from FIRE and will never be allowed to return.

Moving forward we are seeing a lot old faces return to FIRE that previously left due to the unjustified treatment by Carter. Furthermore, FIRE has moved forward with the idea of a Triumvirate as it has proven efficient and effective in multiple alliances throughout the Cyberverse. Contrary to what some people will tell you FIRE has never been more stable and had membership become this eager to help and stand for the alliance. We at FIRE hope to rebuild and have better relations with our fellow members of the Cyberverse.

Lastly, with the removal of Carter the AA Vengeance is under FIRE protection until the final two nations make it back home.


TimLee, Fire Lord

Shadow King, Fire Lord

Incitatus, Fire Lord


New Forums- http://www.cn-fire.com

New Irc- #cn-fire

Current Fire Government:

Fire Lords


Shadow King


Minister of Defense


Minister of Foreign Affairs


Minister of Finance


Minister of Internal Affairs


Minister of Communications


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Top Posters In This Topic

o/ Nintenderek!
I must admit I have gained a measure of respect for Nintenderek these past couple days. Clarifying the whole Dealmaster situation helped. ;)

o/ Nintenderek

Now that's more like it. I must admit, the last couple of days have been hard for everyone in FIRE. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it and am quite impressed that we did. The next couple of days may be just as hard, but I believe FIRE will prevail.

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