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R&R Foreign Affairs Dispatch

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Tonight I am proud to announce a few changes to the R&R government.

First off, Quagsville's trium term was up, he has stepped down and into the position of recruitment deputy. Hawk, won the Trium election in a landslide, and has filled the 3rd trium spot.

Secondly, since Hawk, who was my Co-MoFA has moved up in the world, there was an opening in the FA department, I am proud to announce that NoWai has gained his first gov spot as Deputy of Foreign Affairs.

Thirdly, there have been many changes in the interior department, with CoryUO taking over Info Deputy from T6, Saurion Aid Deputy, and Gurn getting back into the Trade Deputy role, one that I can assure you he :wub:s very much. :P

A full list of our updated Gov can be found below:





State Department:

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Bilzey

Deputy of Foreign Affairs - NoWai

Interior Department:

Minister of the Interior - Cmf0203

Deputy of the Interior - Juslen/Gurn

Trade Deputy - Gurn

Tech Deputy - Jon The Warlord

Aid Deputy - Saurion

Info Deputy - CoryUO

Mentor Deputy - DanteValentine666

Recruitment Deputy - Quagsville

Department of Defence:

Minister of Defense - DemonSpawn

Deputy of Defence - Viking Goalie

1st Division Commander - Aisrep

2nd Division Commander - jjallen

3rd Division Commander - Vacant

4th Division Commander - Vacant

Justice Department:

Chief Justice - Andorany

Justice - Scotch

Justice - KingLC

Ministry of Silly Walks:

Minister of Silly Walks: General Oreo

All are invited to #RnR to laugh, cry and idle.

o/ R&R

Edited by Bilzey
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Guys, I added lens flare. That makes everything better.

Oh, and...

I am proud to announce that NoWai has gained his first gov spot as Deputy of Foreign Affairs.

Son, I am disappoint. I had my first government spot as Minister of Silly Walks.

Obligatory response consisting of hail, that weather where hailstones fall from the sky.

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More than you know :lol1:

I think I found out where it starts. It starts with GFL goes through everyone hits a spike of problems around yourself, bilzey and NoWai and ends with KingLC. I don't know oreo so I can't even start to guess his ability at MoSW.

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