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Spartan Defence Force DOE


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Introduction to a new alliance

The Spartan Defence Force was a clan based on Halo 3 with over 100 members we wanted to expand to other games and since Cyber Nations was on my list of favorites it didn't take long to decide on this game. Our alliance is based on protecting it's members and having a good time, we have an active forum community/IRC Channel/ Medals and Ribbons/ Automatic ranking system based on activity and best of all a great, fun and competitive members. We don't believe in trash talk and try to be nice to all alliances, hell we even have a Defence Treaty going (Golden Star Defence Treaty) to ensure the protection of our members.

Administration: Special Operations Command/ Cabinet

Our leadership spots are open at the moment but our positions will be placed here:

Executive Chief of Spartan Operations:


Chief of Spartan Operations:



Secretary General:


Director of Recruitment and Training:

Director of Warfare:

MLG St1ckypad

Director of Staff:

TeK9 Shade

Director of Media:

Mr Obamanation

Director of Homeland Security:


Secretary Adviser:


This is our first round in CN:TE so we're off on a clean slate and hope to make the best of it. We're open for a chat with anyone and wish you all the best. Could someone tell me what in the world DOE stands for. ^_^

See you all on the forums and in game.....

» Spartan Defence Force Website «

» Spartan Defence Force Forum «

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