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Tenmu Jyukougyo Zaibatsu


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Tenmu Heavy Industries was originally founded as the icebreaker for the start of Kyokujitsu's Heavy and Chemical Industry Drive. With the Sumeragi has the largest stockholder, it grew until it was the largest and most efficient shipbuilding, machinery, and steelmaking industrial conglomerate.

The company survived the two Pacific Wars and various disasters that happened to the Kyokujitsujins. Moving headquarters to Asadal and Fukuoka, it kept up its technological innovation, allowing it to start fresh anew in Yamato.

Now, with the expansion of Yamato into Manshu, and the steady acquisitions of foreign companies, Tenmu had gone beyond its former strength into an entirely new level, as THE Zaibatsu. It was time to slowly reveal itself.....

OOC: Basically, a look inside my main Zaibatsu.

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