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Hot off the Presses of Mr Fixit Online

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We(well I say we, I mean myself mainly) at Mr Fixit Online have been working on an international news publication so that you may be kept up to date on the happenings within our alliance.

As it is tabloid quality stuff, don't expect it to be completely true or of good quality. Also, it's not bi-weekly or weekly or even monthly, its whenever there is news worth announcing and whether or not I have the time to do so. So it'll just appear at random times [OOC] It was produced with GIMP and I don't know how to use it, hence the shoddiness of the work, it'll get better, promise, Open to criticism so feel free to throw it out there :)[/OOC]

I present to you all, The Day Today!




For users of IE and anyone else who cannot zoom in:




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That was a surprisingly good read. :awesome:

o/ creative writing

Many thanks, there'll be more to come at some point [OOC] I need to find a job first[/OOC]

Good read but i thought you guys were gone for some reason.

Nope we've always been here, just that blasted Alien Infection makes it look otherwise.

)): JoshuaR )):

)): Massage Parlours )):

It's good to see The Day Today getting mentioned in CN.

It's good to see someone getting the references :D

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