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Karma POW Update

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We are proud to announce an official protectorate:

I'm Too Tired to Think Treaty


Karma POW is under the protection of Shamshir. Don't mess with their crappy nations.


Italy - Karma POW Emperor

Shamshir - Hitchhiker of Heart

Also, we have created our own IRC channel at #kpow, hang out there if you have time. We also have not heard from the so called "shadow" government so there should be no question as to who is the official leader of Karma POW.

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come on Karma POW you can get past that 1 million strength barrier now that you're protected.:lol1:

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People did it better before you. I think I remember when a NPO POW did this sometime last year, and it was a humorous one time announcement.

Thanks, that was me last year, after the GPA war, I announced the

Neutral Power Order Power Of Win or NPO PoW

It was a one off announcement with a similar charter, using the surrender terms as the requirements for applying, with an old school batman pic for the POW bit.


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