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A Diplomatic dispatch from Greater Croatia and Rebel Army


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Greater Croatia - Rebel Army Optional Defense Pact

Article I:

Greater Croatia and Rebel Army agree to not commit aggressive acts against each other, this includes but is not limited to espionage, Military Attacks or assisting another nation in doing the above.

Article II:

Greater Croatia and Rebel Army agree to improve economic cooperation by abolishing or lowering tariffs on trade with each other.

Article III:

Should one of the 2 enter a state of war either defensively or offensively the other is not obliged to defend but in nature of this pact is requested to consider it.

Article IV:

To cancel this treaty one has to give the other 72 hours notice, after this period the treaty will be considered null and void.

Signed for Greater Croatia,

Nadine Audrey Peacecraft, Empress


Stjepan Mesic, Prime Minister

Signed for Rebel Army,

Lavo Shalam, Prime Minister

Mohamed Hazzan, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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