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ADI Congressional Elections

Il Terra Di Agea

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Political Party Overview

-The Norwegian Conservative party, a cultural conservative group, believing in preservation of Norwegian Culture, personal responsibility for ones actions, and supply-side economics

-The ADI Fabian Society, a group dedicated to the gradual shift to socialist ideas without revolution

But the parties running for both voices in congress and place as president do not stop there. Among the parties registering right now are:

-The ADI Fascist Party

-The Nordland Reformist Party

-The Social Noocratic party (Many of whom are convicted felons and racists, trying to purge the world of those of an "un-pure" mind)

-The Pants for Great Justice Society (On the platform that laws need to be changed to make nudity illegal except in the home)

-The Musical Anarchist Party (Gaining support through catchy show-tunes)

-The Nationalist Socialist Libertarian Green Party

-The ADI Utopian Party

-The F*** Nature Party (Primarily made of loggers and oil drill workers)

-The Environmental Conservative party (And environmentalist/ Religious fundamentalist party)

OOC: I'm choosing the PM myself, but you all can decide the percentages of each party in congress. I'll only alter it slightly, and that's only if I get weirdly high percentages of, say, the singing anarchists and Pants for Great Justice party people :P

Also, I dare anyone to come up with weirder parties :awesome:

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Current exit poles are showing a whopping 40% of voters have voted for the Norwegian Conservative Party in congress. The party headquarters are already celebrating that they have the highest percentage control over the nation's congress.

In the mean time, Jens Stoltenberg has just pulled ahead of the other candidates for Prime Minister. He is getting many of the votes from the parties who did not put forth a candidate, and after a press conference earlier today, he gained almost unanimous support of the Pants for Great Justice Party. Poles are to close soon.

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Polls have been closed, and the votes have been officially counted.

The Congress is to be split in the following:

Norwegian Conservative party 26.67%

ADI Fabian Society 13.33%

ADI Fascist Party 6.67%

Pants for Great Justice Society 6.67%

Nationalist Socialist Libertarian Green Party 6.67%

ADI Utopian Party 6.67%

F*** Nature Party 20.00%

Environmental Conservative Party 13.33%

The Norwegian Conservatives congressmen state that, although they do not hold a majority in congress, as the largest party, they intend to lead the nation towards greater unity.

The New Prime Minister has been decided, and will be Jens Stoltenberg, with a 15% lead over his main competitor Kjell Magne Bondevik. He will make his inagural speech later today.

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