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A Statement from the Red Cross

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This is the second announcement that the Cross has made in as many days, news of the recent events within FIRE have illustrated to us the importance of Red unity and the maintenance of our character.

As such, in no manner shape or form, is the Cross willing to sit back and recognize the development of apartheid on our sphere; as Red nations who survived the once formidable Red Blockade, we should all be above that.

With the continued subjugation of the Old Way and remnants of the Francograd Wall littered around us, it has become clear that certain alliances have taken up residence here for the purpose of restoring those practices under a different disguise.

An attempt to form an exclusive sphere hegemony is to continue the tradition of alienating the inclusive representation that Red nations desire, an attempt to sensationalize the perceived faults of small Red communities is illustrative of a refusal to embrace the New Way while continuing the awful cycle of events which precipitated the collapse of the Moldavi Doctrine.

With this in mind, we are keen to immediately recognize the new government of FIRE and lend it our material and philosophical support; it is our hope that these growing pains will subside and lead to a more prosperous future for us all.

Go Red Go!


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Perhaps before you try to push your weight around you should try to gain some by maybe stepping up your recruitment efforts, no?

Just out of curiosity, if a leader noted that doctors in his nation had cured cancer, would you respond 'way to infringe on cancer's sovereignty, imperialists?'

I do enjoy the pictures Red Cross, despite how many members you may or may not have.


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