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Transvaal expansion in South Atlantic


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Foreign Minister Hendrick Strijdom issued the following statement through all Transvaler embassies this morning:


By mutual agreement between the Republic of Transvaal and Lübeck, the Comoros Islands, Ascension Island, St. Helena, the Tristian de Cunha Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands have been annexed by the Republic of Transvaal and incorporated into its Indian and Southern Islands territorries.

As part of its open seas policy, these islands will be equipped as soon as possible with radio and weather outposts and maritime coast guard stations to assist all ships national or foreign which may find themselves in distress.


H Strijdom

Minister of Foreign Affair

Republic of Transvaal

[OOC: spies... these “radio stations” report all ship movements in the South Atlantic and South Indian oceans back to Transvaal and Tahoe]

= = =

Meanwhile... Trevor Mann, the local administrator on South Georgia, wired off a statement to Pretoria stating that the local civilian authorities did not approve of the transfer of South Georgia and Sandwich islands to Transvaal:

“We have no desire to become some forlorn outpost of Transvaal’s overseas ‘empire’ – and while we do not have the means in manpower or equipment to mount any sort of resistance to our occupation, the people of South Georgia would do everything in their ability to peacefully resist the illegal occupation of our islands.”

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"Those clever sons of !@#$%*es are penning us in," muttered someone somewhere in Arctica after looking over a map.

Several conferences were held in the hours following Transvaal's announcement. A message made its way to Consul-General Paul Cruywagen in Oceana, Arctica.


It has come to my attention that the Republic of Transvaal has made some land gains in the Indian and Atlantic oceans recently. Some of these acquisitions by your nation, while commendable, I feel can be better managed by Arctica, as Transvaal is no doubt concerned with rebuilding after its recent war, and several of the acquisitions fall within our sphere of influence, and the handling of coast guard and weather reporting stations would be more efficiently done by our own personnel. Also, this territorial encroachment upon our borders represents an attitude that may be seen by some as unfriendly, and if not handled delicately, may sour relations between our two countries even further.

I am proposing that the Republic of Transvaal relinquish the following territories to Arctica: Réunion; Mauritius; Tromelin island; and the Comoros chain (or Mayotte at the least).

The reasons being: Réunion and Mayotte host significant amounts of ethnic Malagasy as well as being located within our sphere of influence; the other named territories also fall within our SoI.

In exchange, any of a number of concessions will be provided, as well as the benefit of potentially thawing diplomatic relations by this act of goodwill.


Alain Ramiaramanana

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arctica"

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As Transvaal expands.. so does the brewery! New lager outposts pop up on islands throughout the Atlantic now under Transvaal administration.. even if they do not remain permanently so.

ooc: Go Sovereign Wealth Fund.. spread Botha's beer throughout the world ^..^ lol.

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I am proposing that the Republic of Transvaal relinquish the following territories to Arctica: Réunion; Mauritius; Tromelin island; and the Comoros chain (or Mayotte at the least).

Consul-General Cruywagen… the title sounded out of place, not because Cruywagen wasn’t a suitable diplomatic representative, but rather he had always been known in Arctica as Marshal Cruywagen. It was strange now seeing him in a civilian suit and tie instead of the sand-brown Krygsmagte uniform from his days as Governor of the Madagaskar Vrystaat so long ago.

Alain Ramiaramanana welcomed the Transvaler official into his office. Cruywagen sat down and then listened to what the Arctican foreign minister had to say. Cruywagen then thought about his reply. His own opinions did not necessarily coincide with that of his government which he was charged to represent - but he did to maintain a fair balance as best as he could.

Mister Ramiaramanana, you do make some valid points. Personally, between you and me, I do not see Malan overtly willing to secede any territory.

From what I have gathered previously working alongside him in the military, he is of the school of building up as much of a buffer to the outside world as a means of defense of the Federal Republic… umm, I mean… the Republic.

The islands which Transvaal has acquired over the years, almost all have been bequeathed to us for some reason or another. I believe those specifically east of Arctica were placed in our trust by one of the old Franzharian or Ranatharist empires which were based in the Seychelles. I would need to check our records at the Foreign Ministry, but I would not be surprised if some sort of Lübeck grandfather clause was in place over them. And please don’t get me wrong, but by Lübeck clause I don’t mean that Lübeck holds a claim over them, the term is used within Transvaler diplomatic parlance to refer to the territorial grandfathering claim which was built into the treaty signed with Lübeck last year which gave them control over the Comoros. It is because of that clause which is why we now have the Comoros back under Pretoria’s rule. Basically what I am saying is that if the Ranatharists ever returned, in theory they could demand possession of Reúnion, Mauritius, the Seychelles and assorted small islands back from Transvaal or whomever controlled them.

However in a post-Malan regime I could see the government seriously considering turning over some of our Indian Ocean holdings to Arctica – although I suspect at least one island, probably Mauritius, would be retained for a naval base – whenever we get around to having a navy again.

What I will do is pass along your request to Foreign Minister Strijdom. It will probably just stop on his desk and proceed no further, but at least it is filed away on record whenever a new government takes over.

Cruywagen then gave the minister a somewhat conspiratorial expression, leaned forward and whispered:

Let’s sit on this for a couple of months, once the surrender requirements against IRON have been lifted, we might see something happen in Pretoria. If all goes to plan, then the political climate may change enough that negotiations between Transvaal and Arctica could begin to deal with this issue.

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"Very well, pass on the request to Minister Strijdom, but emphasize that we expect at least Mayotte and Tromelin Island to be ceded to Arctica in the near future, owing to Mayotte's close proximity and ethnic connections with Madagascar and Tromelin Island's close proximity to Madagascar.

I am looking forward to future talks with your government regarding the remaining territories listed."

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