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A retraction and an apology


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I completely and irrevocably retract my previous statement regarding my take on BTA/TAB history. This is not a retraction of MHA support, but merely a dismissal of my comments.

Regarding BTA:

MD staged the coup. Simple as that.


I did not intentionally lie to hurt the BTA, but rather posted my muddled and historically inaccurate recollection of the TAB reformation. At the time, I was grateful to MD for his sacrifice, but later became angered by him having left. This anger turned to hate, and it blinded me.

I still stand my sections of my announcement. Peace was always and option and people trying to flex their muscles should not have done so for the sake of it.

To MD,

I called your honour into question by citing an inaccurate recollection of events. For this, I am sorry, and hope that the truth presented here clears your name of any accusations that you betrayed the original BTA.

I apologise to BTA and TAB for making this mess worse, and as such I promise to not interfere in BTA-TAB relations anymore.

Regarding BTA's entry into GWIII


We copped a lot of flak for that. While I did know of it, I blamed MD for not publicising it. Not really his fault.

Regarding logs:

Session Start: Mon May 25 18:32:45 2009

Session Ident: Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}

01[18:32] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> what is it?

[18:32] <Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}> im reforming BTA in a month or so

01[18:33] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> WIN

01[18:33] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> SO MUCH WIN

01[18:33] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> I told Crush I wanted to do that xD

[18:33] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> However, the BTA is dead, and isn't coming back, and I wouldn't be surprised if TAB and ex-TAB were pissed about it.

Session Close: Mon May 25 18:33:11 2009

Session Start: Mon May 25 18:33:11 2009

Session Ident: Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}

[18:33] <Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}> yea

[18:33] <Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}> ive got every intention to start it up again lol

[18:33] <Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}> and run it slightly different this time

[18:33] <Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}> ive started 2 alliances now so i know what works and doesnt :P

01[18:33] <SorumBeeblebrox[MHA]> Did you know Voronov is back?

Logs weren't faked. It would appear a crappy IRC connection lead to the last line of the disputed logs never making it to MD.

Those who claim that the disconnection would have shown up in MD's logs: The disconnection would not show up if he didn't post during the couple of seconds where I reconnected.

Final words

I stepped down as MHA triumvir last week. I'd like to clarify that it was not because of this issue.

Furthermore, I request that all blame be attributed to me, as none of this was the fault of any MHAer bar myself, and does not deserve to be tagged on to MHA's public image.

Edited by Sorum
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Thank you Sorum.

I will agree that the logs were not faked and came at no fault to Sorum.

As Sorum said there was no coup attempt. The screen shots clearly show that I left the BTA on my own accord in an attempt to save the BTA from a guaranteed death.

The following screen shots all clearly show that I did not get couped. They show that I was trying my best to save the BTA and to keep its members from further harm.

Sorum does not deny this fact and neither does anyone present at the time.

I wish for the history books to be cleared and anyone who wishes for more information is free to ask for it.












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This is very interesting. It seems there was more going on here than I knew. A lot more.

Well, hopefully this puts the quietus to the stirrings that were going on, and all is calm again.

There was, and likely still is, a lot going on that people did not know about.

I would not be surprised if over the next few days people have a different viewpoint on what happened in GW3 that led to the surrender of BTA.

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There was, and likely still is, a lot going on that people did not know about.


Funny how the past works.

Anyways...glad to see this resolved.

You were always a cool cat Sorum. Just wished things didn't play out like this.

Good luck MD with BTA.


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