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Aiginor Government and Related topics.


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The Flag of Aiginor


This is the national flag of Aiginor.

Government Structure:

The government of Aiginor is made up of three parts:

Presidential, Legislature, and Local.


Consists of the President, Vice-President, and all military personnel, as well as all supporting offices.


A single house, known as the "Assembly", votes on issues brought to them by the Local governments. They are also the only branch of government that can declare war, and they are in charge of relation with foreign nations, but diplomats fall under the Presidential area of the government. Each district has ten delagates to the Assembly.


The local government of each district. Aiginor is divided into a total of nine districts, each one with a local government in charge of the day to day running of their district. The local governments have the power to bring the Assembly to vote on matters of interest.

National Anthem:

The national anthem of Aiginor is

OOC: Will continue later.

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The capital of Aiginor is Agrona(Townsville).


The official currency of Aiginor is the Hanseatic Mark.


2,087,328,119,721.73 Hanseatic Marks

OOC NOTE: HMs are equal to Australian Dollars.

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Aiginor currently has 4 branches of military:



Air Force

Homeland Defence


The standard weapon of the Aigin Army is the HK416N.


The standard support weapon of the Aigin Army is the SAW.


The Army currently has 130,000 men and women in full time service as infantry.

The Armored Corps of the Army has 1,770 tanks under their command.

The main battle tank of Aiginor is the Challenger II equipped with the L55. It fires the DM53 round. They will be know as "Challenger IIL"

The Army is divided into 4 Divisions:

1st Division:

30,000 men and women equipped with the HK416N.

2,500 men and women equipped with the SAW.

443 Challenger IIL Main Battle Tanks

2nd Division:

30,000 men and women equipped with the HK416N.

2,500 men and women equipped with the SAW.

443 Challenger IIL Main Battle Tanks

3rd Division:

30,000 men and women equipped with the HK416N.

2,500 men and women equipped with the SAW.

442 Challenger IIL Main Battle Tanks

4th Division:

30,000 men and women equipped with the HK416N.

2,500 men and women equipped with the SAW.

442 Challenger IIL Main Battle Tanks


The Navy currently has eight ships in service, two of each class.

Ingham Class Corvette:

ANS Ingham

ANS Lucinda

Aiginor Class Amphibious Assault Ship:

ANS Aiginor

ANS Hansa

Lucas Class Battleship:

ANS Lucas

ANS Bevan

Republic Class Cruiser:

ANS Republic

ANS Democracy

ANS Monarchy

Australia Class Frigate:

ANS Australia

ANS Antartica

Air Force:

The Aigin Air Force (AAF) currently operates 60 squadrons of aircraft. A squadron is five aircraft.

40 of these squadrons are fighter squadrons.

20 of these squadrons are bomber squadrons.

25 fighter squadrons use the F-22 Raptor.

15 fighter squadrons fly the F-35 Lightning II.

10 bomber squadron fly the B-1B Lancer.

10 bomber squadrons fly the B-2 Spirit.

Homeland Defence:

All information on Homeland Defence is Classified.


Homeland Defence is a cover title. Homeland defence is merely one of it's duties. It also acts as the Aigin Special Forces. Homeland Defence troops deployed openly in combat are equivilent to some nations "Marines." In essence, they are the elite fighting force of Aiginor.

Homeland Defence currently has 20,000 men and women in service as Special Forces and Infantry.

All servicemen/women in Homeland Defence are trained to be special forces. The Special Forces currently use the G36C as their weapon of choice. A prototype weapon, the XM8, is currently in development. It is expected to see first use by the special forces in a year. (1RL month= 1 RP year)

Homeland Defence Armored Corps has 300 tanks in their service.

200 of these tanks are Challenger IIL tanks.

100 of these tanks are M1A2 tanks.

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New Class Planned

The Aigin Navy announced today it's plans for the Australia Class Frigate. Two ships are currently planned, with the possibility of more in the future. They will be named after continents, the first will be named Australia, the second will be named Antartica.

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Antartica; Monarchy comissioned

The Aigin Navy now has two more ships, one of the Australia class, and one of the Republic class.

Of the Australia class, the Antartica is the newest ship.

Of the Republic class, the Monarchy is the newest ship.

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Flag Changed to reflect Hanseatic Heritage

The Aigin flag has been changed to reflect our Hanseatic roots, instead of having meaningless symbols in it.

Here is the new flag:


The flag of Commonwealth has been abolished.

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A Meeting

OOC: This is an IC IRC conversation between me and Sarah.


Kyle_Lucas> Lady Tintagyl, so good to see you again. How have you been?

* SarahTintagyl When the guards brought Lucas in Sarah could only really sigh and try not to glare in his direction. This was a diplomatic meeting after all and relations with Aiginor were important even if many members of the Diet considered them traitors. She pointed to an open chair across from her desk and feigned a smile.

<SarahTintagyl> Please Mr. Lucas . Take a seat. What is it that you requested an audience for?"

<Kyle_Lucas> Thank you for having me, even though our relations are expected to be, well, not the greatest.

* SarahTintagyl She blinked

<SarahTintagyl> "You could say that."

<Kyle_Lucas> Yes, well, I believe, though we can't be expected to be the greatest of friends, we should begin to move on and open relations.

<SarahTintagyl> "We have been thinking around the same thing. While you are looked upon with a negative light in the Commonwealth you are still recognized by the world as a sovereign nation. And I will not permit closed borders with people who were only recently Hanseatic citizens."

<SarahTintagyl> "Do you have something in mind for these relations?"

<Kyle_Lucas> I was hoping for a treaty. Nothing major, like an MDAP. Just something like an ODP, to get us talking again.

<SarahTintagyl> "You are part of the Economic Union are you not?"

<Kyle_Lucas> Yes, we are, and it has made quite a difference with all the recent construction in Aiginor.

<SarahTintagyl> "Well then I don't see the need for any further treaties. If you are already treated with the Commonwealth economically, then you have open border agreements with us as well."

<SarahTintagyl> *sigh*

<SarahTintagyl> "I should tell you Mr. Lucas."

<SarahTintagyl> "The Commonwealth has no intention of letting your nation go it alone if war is to come to Australia, ever. If your nation is attacked, we will be there for you. You are our citizens after all."

<Kyle_Lucas> But you must remember that we do not answer to you anymore.

<SarahTintagyl> "I'm not saying you do. But I think it would be in your best interest to take our words to heart as well."

<Kyle_Lucas> Ms Tintagyl, you are a very smart lady, and we realize that, else you would not have the world at your knees, but we declared our independence from you because we had our best interests at heart and we felt you did not.

<SarahTintagyl> "The Nordic War I assume. Or at least that is what I was meant to believe."

<Kyle_Lucas> Yes, the Nordic War. The people up here knew going against such a large and powerful nation would end badly for the Commonwealth, and we were right. Brisbane lost millions of people to that plague unleashed by the madman, and that made people up here lose confidence in you.

<SarahTintagyl> "Well as I directed before, you had the freedom to chose your own destiny. But if you ask me do I regret what happened. Yes, but not the fact that Nordland's despotism is gone."

<Kyle_Lucas> *sigh*

<Kyle_Lucas> Look, let's put the past behind us.

<Kyle_Lucas> That's why I came here today.

<Kyle_Lucas> To move on.

<SarahTintagyl> "Understandable."

<Kyle_Lucas> Perhaps the greatest way we can move on is to sign a treaty. Again, we are bound by the HEU, but something greater than that economic treaty.

<SarahTintagyl> "I have already promised you that the Commonwealth would be there for your people if unfortunate events arise. Treaties are a waste. Ripped up pieces of paper."

<Kyle_Lucas> A reference to the Yamato-Lu Empire incident. Understandable. Lady Tintagyl may I ask you a question?

<SarahTintagyl> "Of course"

<Kyle_Lucas> Why did you let us go peacefully? Most nations would've invaded instantly.

<SarahTintagyl> "Because it is not in my interests to fight against my own people. I am not a Tyrant Mr. Lucas. It pained me to see my countrymen turn there backs to me. But that is your choice and you should stick by it. My advisors demanded war.

<SarahTintagyl> But nations are just fictional lines on a map

<SarahTintagyl> You are Hanseatic and it doesn't matter if you rule or I rule, the bond of friendship is more important than us."

<Kyle_Lucas> A true lady of peace.

<Kyle_Lucas> Well, I understand that you don't wish to sign a treaty.

<Kyle_Lucas> And I sincerely hope this has helped us both move on.

* SarahTintagyl nods

<SarahTintagyl> As do I Mr. Lucas

<SarahTintagyl> As do I

<Kyle_Lucas> You are welcome to visit Agrona anytime you like. Who knows? Maybe one day Agrona will be the cultural center of the world, and not Brisbane.

* SarahTintagyl She feigned a smile.

<SarahTintagyl> Perhaps

<SarahTintagyl> the world is a changing place after all

<Kyle_Lucas> Do be sure to visit some time. And with that, I bid you a kind farewell.

* SarahTintagyl She rose up and took his hand.

<SarahTintagyl> Likewise Mr. Lucas. Good luck.

* Kyle_Lucas He shook her hand softly, but firmly.

<Kyle_Lucas> Thank you. Until we meet again.

* Kyle_Lucas With that, he left to fly back to Agrona.

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