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A Communique from Yawoo and Taiwan


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"This is Yuletide requesting permission to land, carrying special cargo, code: Nineteen Delta Zulu"

"Roger Yuletide, permission granted proceed to land on the deck of R.Y.S. Ghost, the Chancellor is waiting."


Acelin von Berg isn't a patient man, some say it is his greatest weakness, others call it his greatest asset; both say not to keep him waiting.

"Well, have you completed the changes to the document?"

A man in a dark black suit and tie, the staple of all Yawooian diplomats, opened a black briefcase showing von Berg a manila envelope. "Yes, Chancellor, the changes were made as requested. I just need to get your approval before giving our diplomat the go-ahead to present it to them."

Chancellor von Berg glanced up irritably from his desk where he was busy scribbling a signature onto a document. "Yes, yes of course, give him my go-ahead. I want the ink on this agreement dry by sunset tonight. I have to turn my attention towards upgrading the islands defense networks soon, and I don't want this agreement still floating around in the air while I'm concentrating on that."

"Yes sir, I'll radio the diplomat right away," and with that the Yawooian diplomat quickly left the room.


"And the Chancellor approved all the changes? What? Of course I have it right here. Okay, sure, no problem." A different man dressed in the same suit and tie as the one onboard the R.Y.S. Ghost closed his cellphone with a quick snap and crossed the room to speak with a man dressed much differently than him and quickly whispered, "The Chancellor has approved the changes, we'd like to officially offer it to your sovereign."

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'Great! Thank you sir, we will rush this off to the Emperor right away.' The man walks off and uses his fax it in.

Meanwhile in Nebu's secretaries office....


Nebu's secretary walks over to grab the fax and walks it to Nebu. 'Emperor, we have a fax from the diplomat in Yawoo with the code name 'Kangaroo'. You should take a look at it.' said the secretary. 'It looks just as I wanted it to be.' Says Nebu, 'I'll sign this right away and please fax this back to them as soon as possible'.

He then signs it and she sends it back to the diplomat.

Back in Yawoo...


'Ah, here it is.' The diplomat hands the paper back to the man with Nebu's signature on it.

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The Yawooian diplomat takes a quick look at the signature to verify it was a forgery and then re-opens his cellphone. "They've signed, start the newscast."


This is the Yawooian News Channel -

We've just got word from Chancellor von Berg's office that a treaty has been signed with Taiwan. Talks have been going on the past few months, but word was the discussions weren't very serious. Was it all a smoke screen? We have the first look at the finalized and signed treaty.

In the interest of peace, prosperity, and mutual defense; The Republic of Yawoo and The New Taiwanese Empire do so forth and with much hurrah enter into a Mutual Defense Agreement entitled; The New Jakarta Accords.

Article I: The Republic of Yawoo and The New Taiwanese Empire agree to a pact of mutual defense. Should action be taken that is destructive or harmful to one country, then the other is obliged and required to assist in the defense of said country.

Article II: To further the prosperity of the two great nations, The Republic of Yawoo and The New Taiwanese Empire agree to grant free trade agreements to each other. The Republic of Yawoo and The New Taiwanese Empire further agree to waive docking fees at all Yawooian and Taiwanese ports to eachothers’ merchant shipping.

Article III: Should either country find The New Jakarta Accords no longer befitting of the spirit in which the agreement was first signed then said country is required to inform the other country of its intent to cancel The New Jakarta Accords immediately and a one month* grace period where the treaty will stay in affect commences, after the grace period is over, The New Jakarta Accords will be considered null and void.

Article IV: This agreement may be amended at any time with the agreement of both The Republic of Yawoo and The New Taiwanese Empire.

For the New Taiwanese Empire,

Nebu II, Emperor of Taiwan

Ja’Hina, Secretary of State

For the Republic of Yawoo,

Acelin von Berg, Chancellor

Omar Sukmar, Minister of War

* OOC: One month rp time with the knowledge that one month in RL = one year in CNRP

More news on how this affects the daily life of the average Yawooian at eight, and now, sports with Richard Zagiv.

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