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The colony had become a hell-hole; literally, hell on earth. After a week of fighting, the town guard had finally been over-run. With the collapse of the town guard, the few innocents that had managed to get into the 'safe zones' found that they were trapped as the oncoming horde slowly ripped them apart. The entire population was now somewhere below 100, from the original 66,000 or so that lived within the colony's shelter.

Originally, a few stragglers or survivors had managed to escape the slaughter. The lucky ones had died at the Safe Zone Massacre. The unlucky ones now had to cower in hideouts, running from every abomination that now lurked behind every corner, every locked door, that inane fear of the creature underneath your bed, your mind, constantly haunting you and forcing you to second-guess yourself.

Now, the unlucky ones were forced to survive as long as they can. Leaving the city conventionally was out of the question, as it had been placed on lockdown. Chances of opening the gates, and disabling the lockdown were slim, as the number of infected in the terminal areas required to do that were way too high. Chance of surviving there were about 0-to-1%. For the survivors within the Siera Colony, they were trapped, with no where to run, with thousands of infected and, god knows what else, other mutagens.


Markus Jersted had been surviving in his family's 2-story house for the last two weeks, eating barely enough to keep him sustained, and drinking as much water as he could. He had his father's Beretta M92-F 9mm pistol, with a few clips still, but for the most part he stuck indoors. He had destroyed the steps to the second floor, effectively cutting off anyways for the infected to get to him. The only way for him to leave was to jump out the second story window - and he would have to, soon, for food -, and there was no way going back from that once he jumped.

For now, all that he had planned on doing for today was packing, getting ready. Chances are, within the course of the next few days, he'd have to go outside, and scavenge. He wasn't sure if he'd live through it, but it was better than dying a slow, wasteful death from starvation....


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