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I'm really not sure what my reaction to this thread should be. It does seem interesting that he waited to create this thread until after I clarified that FEAR didn't give large free handouts for new recruits, but based our aid distribution based on the level of commitment recruits showed in the thread he made in the OWF.

Some people just don't want to take basic steps, I guess.

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My fellow rulers, why do I have a feeling that MarcMarcmarc/Lord Gragon The Grea and sugarstalker have a very close relationship ;)

Because two are tiny little insects that look for dark areas to lay their nest in, and the other has lots of free space in their head? :o

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I wish you a prosperous and strong................ lol sorry, couldn't finish typing it with a serious face.

Marcmarcmarc, it is wise to set up your government, forums, etc before announcing your one man alliance. That way messages like mine here and some posts above dont happen.

Good Luck marcmarcmarc.

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Wow.... Is there something wrong with -AiD-? Can anyone tell me how we attract all the mental defects that live on Planet Bob?

I'll provide you a little background, this nation is also an -AiD- permanent ZI target, a result of him trying to get another alliance to threaten us into making him some sort of overruling dictator.

So we are essentially now declaring war on "The Grand Alliance Of Sugar Cane".

Welcome to the game MarcMarcMarc, this is how it's played.

Edit: I'm sure people who have read the one man declaration of war on us will understand why his alliance is called "The Grand Alliance Of Sugar Cane"

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