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Peace in war and should it still exist after...


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When a nation send peace to a nation they are fighting the idea is to wait for that opponent to log-in and accept. I recently sent peace to an opponent of mine and then later went to my war and battles screen to see how many soldiers he had and what my odds were. I received the standard "You cannot attack Mactaraland at this time because their battle odds are at 1% and are not high enough to fight your forces. The government of Mactaraland has just been sent into Anarchy due to their lack of security forces. Riots engulf the nation of Mactaraland as your soldiers relax and enjoy their victory. "

Wouldn't that make it seem like the peace offer should be rescinded?

A defeat alert occurs just by visiting a ground attack screen so shouldn't the same work here?

I think the wording either needs to be re-worked or the peace offer should just be cancelled.

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Then you'll have a bunch of ppl complaining that peace was cancelled by accident when all you were trying to do was bring up a battle screen...

If peace is what you truly want then there shouldn't be a need to check the war screen.

I honestly don't know if it's a bug and if it's not it should be re-worded.

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