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Change of Leadership

Jesse Hamric

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Greetings comrades!

I am General Jesse Hamric, loyal servant of the country and it's people.

Today, in a horrible act of treason our nation was shaken to it's core by a horrible act of trerror. For our glorious commander was killed by an assassin's bullet.

I ask of you as a country, while in your extreme mourning not to riot, or plot any acts of violence. I assure this nation is as stable as it will ever be.

Some of you may have seen an announcement earlier stating that I will be your new Commander-and-Cheif. I am speaking to you all now to confirm this.

After deliberations with the board, which I have been the longest lasting member of at 20 years, a choice has been made that I am most fit to lead. This was done by unanimous choice.

While my leadership may mean some changes, I assure you that the core principals and beliefs will be upheld.

As my fist act of power I am eliminating the curfew set by the military, and lifting martial law.

While I believe that this was an act of terror, I see no reason to punish the nation for the acts of one individual.

I hope that you will accept this change of power with open hearts, even in your mourning.


I have done this because I am required to keep the same nation name as my forum name, that kind of kills the Supreme Commander thing, so this is my "fix".

Edited by Jesse Hamric
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