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*Excerpt on Sarah Tintagyl*

..... Almost everyone knows the butterfly effect, but what most don't ask is, does the butterfly know when to flap its wings? Supposing it did know, how hard would it work to bring forth a result that seems far off?

Every time I think of Sarah, those two questions pop up. Given I'm not her father, and never will be one, I can't really answer it myself. The only fact I can safely say is that she feels she is a black sheep, someone thrust into the madness of the world from her shelter. Nevertheless, she makes the most out of it, in almost a frightening way.

From a girl she grew up into a full woman, being the queen of the world hive. Her previous marriage might have affected her, from being burned by tying the knot in such a hasty fashion while young. From just a decorated specimen, she moved on to be a wild butterfly, never wanting to be pinned again.

I respect her decision, and I hope that she can be happy with the path she choose for herself, never regreting, never feeling guilty.....

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