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Buryatia opens Embassy complexes

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BCNA: Buryatia opens Embassy complexes

“With the government elected and sworn in, the President of Buryatia has announced the beginning of Buryatia’s independent course of foreign affairs on the world stage. To facilitate this move, the Foreign Minister has established several secure complexes in Buryatia to house Foreign Embassies and their associated staff.

The government has requested that any nation wishing to open an embassy in Buryatia to contact the Foreign Minister Dr. Natalya Onatopp, who will see to the necessary arrangements.”

***Public Message***

To: Governments of the World

Fr: Government of the United Kingdom of Buryatia

Re: Embassy exchanges and diplomatic relations

The United Kingdom of Buryatia, being now a fully sovereign state with its own elected government, has begun to chart a foreign policy course for the nation that involves constructive engagement with other nations and their governments. To facilitate this exchange, the government has created several Embassy complexes to be turned over to nations who wish to establish diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom of Buryatia.

Nations wishing to establish embassies in the UKB, are asked to send the following information to the Foreign Ministry who will make the preparations.


Name of Nation:


Government Type:

Special Request(s):

Should UKB establish an Embassy in your nation (Y/N):

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Name of Nation: Kingdom of Bavaria/Königreich Bayern

Ruler: Maximilian III.

Government Type: Administrative Monarchy

Special Request(s): None

Should UKB establish an Embassy in your nation (Y/N): Yes, please.

Edit: Edited "absolute" into "administrative", because it fits better.

Edited by Lynneth
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Name of Nation: Marscurian Pakistan

Ruler: Sultan Mikhail

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Special Request(s): none

Should UKB establish an Embassy in your nation (Y/N): Yes

OOC: Quick question, is Ms. Onatopp related to a certain Xenia Onatopp? We have had some tight run-ins in the past.

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