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Buryatia's first elected gov't sworn in

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Buryatia’s government sworn in

“Negotiations between the major parties in Parliament and the Monarch were concluded early this morning. Since the Democratic Party of Buryatia (DPB) and the Pan Asia Party (PAP) were unable to reach a coalition agreement, the Queen decided to permit the Party of Workers (POW) to proceed as a minority government.

The Queen swore in Mr. Vladimir Zhukovsky as Buryatia’s first President earlier today. The swearing in ceremony took place at the Royal Palace and was attended only by a few invited guests. Mr. Zhukovsky gave a short speech after the ceremony in which he promised to work with the POW led Parliament and to stress consensus over conflict. Mr. Zhukovsky also admitted that his goal of an Asian Economic Sphere would be much more difficult to realize due to a potentially hostile Parliament.

President Zhukovsky is expected to appoint his government ministers shortly, should each appointment be approved by the Parliament. The President is also due to nominate five of the thirty members to sit on the People’s Council (Senate) while the Parliament is due to nominate fifteen members and the public will elect the remaining ten members.

Once all of the various government officials have been appointed or confirmed, then the government is expected to take charge of diplomacy and to begin to formulate a new foreign policy. With the seating of the first elected government of Buryatia, the nation has marked its total transition to full independence.”-Reporter



==Ministerial Nominees==

Minister of Defense: Andrei Grigovich Ouromov (PAP)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Natalya Onatopp (PAP)

Minister of Labor, Social Services & Trade: Batukhan Yu (POW)

Minister of Finance: Dmitri Andropov (PAP)

Minister of Resource Management: Dmitri Andropov (PAP)

Minister of Education: Naranbataar Liu (PAP)

Minister of Health: Sukhbataar Enkh (PAP)

Minister of Interior: Mikhail Chuluunovich (DPB)

Minister of Communication: Aleksandar Trubachev (DPB)

===Confirmed Appointments===

President: Vladimir Zhukovsky (PAP)

Deputy President: Sergei Kalinn (PAP)

Speaker of Parliament: Naranbatarin Ivaanjav (POW)

“The first session of Parliament will be reserved for approving the Ministerial Appointments and for selecting the fifteen members to sit on the Executive Council. The Speaker of the Parliament is also expected to convene a Commission to begin drafting the National Budget for the next financial year.

We will continue to monitor the confirmation process and will give updates as soon as we receive them.”-Reporter

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