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My Optional Aggresive Boulder


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For tonight's showing I'm please to announce an upgrade with one of my favourite bunch of people LOUD. :wub:


Novus Ordo Virtus Artis - League Of United Defence Mutual Defence Pact

You can lean on me,

Cry on my shoulder,

If I'm Obelix,

You are my boulder.


Novus Ordo Virtus Artis and the League of United Defence share a friendship spanning millenia with each other. In light of this NOVA and LOUD have decided to once again renew and extend their friendship.

Article II.

Friendship; Signatories agree to treat each with respect and support in all matters, be it moral, financial or political.

Article II.

Non-Aggression; both signatories agree never to harm or impair the prosperity of either through any means.

Article III.

Defence; in the case that either party are engaged in a defensive war or their sovereignty is infringed. It will be considered an infringement of sovereignty of the other signatory. The remaining signatory will provide appropriate support be it aid, military or diplomatic support.

Article IV.

Optional Aggression; if one signatory finds itself necessary to engage in aggressive warfare they may request the other signatory to aid them.

Article V.

Senates; both signatories agree to co-ordinate and correlate senate votes within any or all spheres toward an agreed senators, of which seats benefits will be shared.

Article VI.

Termination; In the case that ether signatory wishes to end this treaty, a 48 hour notification period must be provided in which Articles II and III must be upheld.

Signed for Novus Ordo Virtus Artis

Imperator Demag

Vicegerent HM4A1

Dux Chancellor IndianaIllusion2

Princeps Chancellor Wolfbane

Procurator Chancellor Hazardousdoc

Signed for the League of United Defense

The Ascendancy

  • Alcoholic
  • Draeg
  • TheChosenOne

Edit: Spelling.

Edited by Demag
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Its a honor to be able to have such a close bond with such a amazing alliance such as NOVA, and have such a good diplomat from them /me looks toward Demag and waves.



Here's to a long prosperous friendship, much :wub: to all of NOVA!

Edited by The Chosen One
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