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A Karma POW Announcement

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Now that we have been established as a world power with almost 1 million nation strength, we have decided to declare our existence. myruler of Italysoccer, also known as Italy, has been declared Emperor of the great Karma POW. We have risen from the ashes and many old nations are being reborn within Karma POW. The rations have run out, but new people seem to join all the time.

We have not been able to receive a protectorate yet, but we are willing to talk with any alliance about that. For the love of God, think of the POWs!

Charter of Karma POW:

Membership Requirements

The following is what you should post as your application -

1. My ruler name is:

2. My nation name is:

3. My current strength:

4. Alliance surrendered from:

5. Who destroyed your nation:

6. NS you lost:

7. My nation link:

8. Do you not have anything left in your nation? (yes/no)

9. Alliance Affiliation must be set to Karma POW, Have you done so? (yes/no)

You must have your Alliance Affiliation set to Karma POW BEFORE you can be accepted. No nation should have any money, tech, infra, or land. Should a nation have these things, they should sell/send them to the Emperor.

If you are not accepted, you will be given a reason. We also encourage all new members to become a helpful, active part of this alliance. All I ask of you as a member is that you are respectful.


1. Karma POW’s leadership consists of one thing, an emperor. The emperor runs all things within the alliance and leads until resignation. At the time of the emperor’s resignation, a new emperor will be appointed.

2. The emperor has the power to create other positions in Karma POW.


1. Karma POW recognizes the importance of strong diplomatic relations with the public. Therefore members are to abide by all foreign treaties signed. Karma POW expects the same amount of respect that it gives to others; any behavior not meeting Karma POW’s standards will be handled by itself or with the foreign alliance involved.

2. Karma POW will always attempt to resolve any military actions diplomatically, but an aggressive action against a member is always an attack on the whole alliance.


1. Karma POW does not condone the actions of members spying upon other alliances. If a nation of Karma POW is caught doing so they will be punished to the discretion of the emperor.

2. As do all other alliances, Karma POW does not like to be spied upon, though we do not know why anyone would want to. To do so would be cause for war with nations that have already surrendered from war.


1. Very rarely does Karma POW expel a member. One of the grievances would be attacking another nation without permission and refusing to cease attacks upon request. Another would be disobeying orders multiple times. Committing espionage for or against Karma POW is also inexcusable. Disobeying the surrender terms you have signed is also one. The punishments for most cases are far less severe - the Emperor decides all punishments.


1. It is possible for amendments to be necessary for the survival of Karma POW. As Karma POW will grow or shrink, so will this charter. The emperor does not respect the thoughts of all its members.


Italy - Self-proclaimed Karma POW Emperor

Thanks to Zoom*3 for use of the old DefCon charter and the making of our awesome flag.

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