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Hae Da Fung Factbook

Markus Wilding

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Weapons of Hae Da Fung

Infantry weapons

Type 99 "Arisaka" rifle



Length: 50 in (1270 mm) long version

Barrel length: 31.4 in (798 mm) long version


Cartridge: 6.5x50mm Arisaka

7.7x58mm Arisaka

Action: Mauser-Type Straight Bolt

Rate of fire: N/A

Muzzle velocity: 2400 ft/s (730 m/s)

Effective range: 400 m

Feed system: 5

Type 99 LMG



Weight: 11.4 kg

Length: 1181 mm

Barrel length: 550 mm


Cartridge: 7.7x58mm Arisaka

Action: Gas-operated

Rate of fire: 250 to 900 round/min

Muzzle velocity: 715 m/s (2,300 ft/s)

Feed system: 30 round detachable box magazine

Type 100 SMG


Weight: 3.38 kg (7.5 lb) (empty)

4.40 kg (9.7 lb) (loaded)

Length: 900 mm (35 in)

Barrel length: 228 mm (9.0 in)


Cartridge: 8x22mm Nambu

Action: Blowback

Rate of fire: 800 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 335 m/s (1,100 ft/s)

Feed system: 30-round detachable box magazine

"Kiska" hand grenade



Weight: 300 grams

Length: 87 mm

Diameter: 41 mm


Filling: Cast picric acid

Filling weight: 58 grams

Detonation mechanism: Pyrotechnic delay of 4 to 5 seconds.

Model 14 Nambu



Weight: 900 g (1.98 lb) unloaded

Length: 230 mm (9.06 in)

Barrel length: 117 mm (4.61 inches)

Width: 720 g


Cartridge: 8x22mm Nambu

Caliber: 8 mm

Action: Recoil-spring

Muzzle velocity: 950 ft/s (289.6 m/s)

Feed system: 8 round box magazine


Type 89 "I-Go"



Weight: 12.79 metric tons (14.10 short tons)

Length: 5.73 m (18 ft 10 in)

Width: 2.13 m (7 ft 0 in)

Height: 2.56 m (8 ft 5 in)

Crew: 4


Armor: 6–17 mm (0.24–0.67 in)

Primary armament: 57 mm Type 90 gun

100 rounds

Secondary armament: 2 x 6.5 mm Type 91 gun

(hull, coaxial)

2,745 rounds

Engine: Mitsubishi A6120VD 6-cylinder air-cooled petrol diesel

120 hp (90 kW)

Suspension: leaf spring

Operational range: 170 km (110 mi)

Speed: 26 km/h (16 mph

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OOC: If you see anything wrong with this factbook, please PM.

Hae Da Fung culture


Hae Da Fung recently has started the Sasuke competition, an extreme obstacle course set in four stages:

The qualifier, where contestants have 90 seconds to navigate the course and hit the buzzer. Falling into the water at any time is immediete disqualification.

The Second stage is also timed, usually 50 to 100 seconds, with considerably harder obstacles.

The Third stage is untimed, allowing contestants to go at their own pace, sometimes allowing them to apply "sticky spray" to improve their grip.

The Fourth stage is arguably the hardest, with it being completly vertical. Reaching the top is referred to as kanzenseiha (完全制覇), roughly translated as "complete domination".

Every few months (OOC: 10-15 RL days) 100 competitors are chosen either through auditons or interviews. They then attempt to dominate the course. A 1200-meter run is held to determine starting positions.

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Hae Da Fung Air Force (The Imperial Air Force)

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero"


Role: Fighter

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Designed by: Jiro Horikoshi

First flight: 1 April 2009

Introduction: June 2009

Produced: 2009-

Number built: Classified

Nakajima J1N "Gekko"


Role: Fighter

Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company

Designed by: Mitsubishi and Nakajima

First flight: May 2009

Number built: Classified

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Hae Da Fung Military Tradition

Hae Da Fung military standards and tradition are far from conventional. To be able to apply for the Imperial Army, one must display:

1. Mental stability

2. Physical fitness

3. Total loyalty for both Hae Da Fung and the Dragon Empire

All Hae Da Fung military branches are taught that it is more honorable to die in their bunkers than it is to surrender. As such, most army divisions (most notably the 2nd "Banzai" Army) have been known to attach bayonets and charge their foes, screaming "banzai", when loosely translated, means "may you live ten thousand years".

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