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Neo Uruk

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If you're not going to expel someone who attacks another alliance, please at least tell them not to threaten us with the alliance's military.

If it's not an empty threat, welcome aboard.

Thank you,

The nobody who made this post, who happens to be DMoFA for Neverland Ranch.

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Depends on who you want expelled. If it's Coolgreen, for example... well I'll drag him in and then expel him myself. It would be my pleasure.

EDIT, in seriousness, I see no wars between NOIR and neverland.

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I await their military with open arms.

I have a feeling your arms are not open.

Lets look closely


Person with Open Arms


Person typing

As you can see the person who is typing does not have his arms open.


That guy agrees with me. I dont know who he is, only my Lord Google does, but still.


I to look forward toward NOIR rolling you!

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