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Official Harmful Announcement


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I, Thaisport, Official leader of Harmful decree the following:

1) TheWolf & Opflex have leadership command of Mostly Harmful Alliance. They both have full authority to make decision on behalf of Mostly Harmful Alliance without the need of my authorization. They were entrusted with this position of leadership since the last round and will continue to guide Harmful to their fullest abilities.

2) I will take on the role of Chairman, which will act as an advisory body to the leadership, however, should the need arise where they are unable to lead or the well being/existence of the alliance is in jeopardy (outside side of game play), I reserve to right to supersede all authority and assume full control.

3) Any contacts regarding alliance relations, bloc, formation, wars, etc should be done through them and respective staff members.



Mostly Harmful Alliance


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