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Departure from the New World

Franz Ferdinand

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Field Marshal Petrus Malan cast his gaze on his map over the South Atlantic. He picked up the telephone and dialed the foreign ministry.

"Strijdom! Malan here... I want you to issue a statement that the Republic of Transvaal is laying claim to the islands of Comoros, Ascension, St.Helena, the Tristian de Cunha chain... and, oh let's see... the South Georgia Islands too."

Strijdom pondered the ramifications of this request before reply. "But sir, aren't these all belonging to Lubeck?"

Malan asserted himself with his tone of voice over the phone: "They were - but now they are ours... Lubeck is evacuating them"

"Errm... South Georgia too? Isn't that a tad too far?"

The marshal replied gruffly "No it isn't- let's just see how much we can bite off and chew."

Strijdom hung up, downed the rest of his cold coffee, grabbed some blank paper and began to draft up a statement on his typewriter.

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With the Lubeck governments blessing, Operation Salvation began. With the border fences torn down along the border of the territory stated, Curristan forces began to occupy the zone that Lubeck wanted them to have.


Operation Salvation.

As they passed through each town, the citizens came out and cheered. Within a few hours, they had occupied the territory allotted to them and began the lengthy process of intigrating the new territory with Curristan. The new citizens would automatically become Curristani citizens and will get all the benefits of the current regime.


The territory we have entered, we hereby claim as part of the Rational Socialist Republic Of Curristan. This is to make sure the population is out of danger and to ensure stability.

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"Lübeck drops the claims it had on Curristan, which were in place in regards to the Protectorate Treaty signed, Curristan is now completely free from those terms."

We thank the Lubeckian Government for its protection while we were getting our feet in South America. We wish you luck in Europe which is where you truely belong.

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