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A Statement from the Red Cross

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While we are busy fixing up our new forums, the Cross would like to declare its unanimous support for the efforts of FIRE to aid the reconstruction of the BTA.

Many of us are veterans and fondly remember the turtles and what they meant to the Cyberverse.

As such, any conflict which results from the TAB-BTA affair will immediately be met (even during wartime) with the deliverance of humanitarian aid to our turtle friends. As the protectorate of FIRE, any hostile action against the BTA will also meet the requirements for the deliverance of identical assistance to our Red brothers.

Henceforth, we hereby direct TAB to acknowledge that TAB is TAB and the BTA is the BTA; although circumstances on Red have changed our principles remain the same, don't mess with us.

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Then why would you mention that a conflict may occur? :huh:

Because sometimes things aren't always as they seem; it pays to be cautious.

To the guy who accused us of "wanting to be special," what the !@#% have you done lately? The ones who don't do anything are always the one who try to shoot you down.

- Rollins

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Was this REALLY necessary? Really? Why can you not let this non-issue die and rest in peace?

how desperate is everyone involved in this for a little pointless drama?

If you do not want to read, I suggest you don't click.

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While I love the nurse I don't think this is a appropriate image for this forums.

I didn't read the announcement (waiting for installment 2 of a program in Chrisland entitled 'Hoocked juan Fonicks'), but I tend to disagree as to the inappropriateness of the image. Clearly, the Red Cross is getting ready to place a stamp on the nurse (who I'm guessing was stripping her way through nursing school) to send her to the front lines, if necessary.

I shall have my members on the lookout for that particular package to see if it needs to be 'diverted.'


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OOC: I was unsure too tbh, but since there's no nudity I was hoping they'd let it slide. /OOC

Go read the forum rules its agianst the ToS, there have been sigs much less worse still taken down.

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