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Through Yggdrasil's Roots

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If you are looking for a fun community and friends or maybe a place to learn about the game and grow, Through Yggdrasil's Roots (TYR) may just be the right place for you. We are a fairly small alliance, but strong for our size, which means that you will always be close to a receptive, sociable, and reliable community who befriend and advise young nations, if and when they need our help, to flourish regardless of their environment.


About TYR:

We're small

We're close knit, and laid back, so there are always people to make friends with. Community in the alliance comes first before everything, because we believe that without a community, an alliance is nothing. But don't worry about our size, we're one of the few alliances that can prosper at this size, not having an inter-alliance war in our history, and having a nation strength of about 400k (29 Aug 09).

We're democratic

Because TYR has one of the most thriving democratic systems, you have a say in anything that happens to the alliance. So if you think something isn't right, put a vote up to change it. If you think a new government is in order, nominate people at the elections. Even if you think the current government stinks of old cheese, you can propose a better-smelling government. Elections happen every two months, and people have about two weeks before the elections to make nominations, and then nominees can make a fair platform to say why they think they're the right people for the job. Everyone in TYR is in the General Assembly and gets to vote. Elections are monitored and hosted by the Councillor of Internal Affairs.

Flaming people for expressing their opinion is strongly looked down upon - everyone is free to speak their mind without fear.

We're more free than some other alliances

So you can engage in any aspect of the game should you choose to. From simply socialising with us (and complaining that my spelling is weird XD) to being a deputy of, or even serving in, the Government, to diplomatic missions, and even tech raiding. So you've got the chance to explore the game and the alliance system in its full glory without being limited by alliance rules.

No tests

We don't force you through any tests to see if you are viable to join our alliance. You have the right not to follow our advice. Anyone can join.

Our culture has depth

And you can even add to it! Most of the cultural worlds of TYR are displayed on the wiki for all to see. CAPSLOCKANDNOPUNCTUATIONORSPACESDAYWASAWESOMERIPBILLYMAYS

Stryker likes bunny slippers.

We make long distance relationships work

Our friendships with other alliances go a long way. They form a part of our social group, community, and culture. If you find a new alliance you think TYR should have a relationship with, you are free to be a diplomat to them.

We're in Maroon

And even if Maroon is the alliance with the highest spam supplies, you don't have to switch if you liek your old colour better. We're happy if you have good trades in your current colour.

If you need something, ask

Your alliance is there for you, just ask if you have any needs, and we'll be there! From aid to assistance in wars, to help in developing your nation, to a free hug... it's there! And if you join, you may even get a bonus! We also have guides and do individual audits to help your nation grow peacefully, but feel free to follow others' advice and make your own choices, to grow in different ways. You don't have to follow the guide.

Free Hugs

Free hugs are available year round, winter, spring, summer, or autumn. When you're feeling up, down, sad, excited, or just plane horny.

Our Government currently consists of:

* Star Gazing (Councillor of External Affairs)

* thecooljuice (Councillor of Internal Affairs)

* IKrolm (Councillor of Defence)

Find out more:

For more information, visit our Wiki page.

If you are interested in joining, please register and fill out an application on our forums.

Like numbers? Our Statistics might be of interest to you.

Maybe words might be more fun? Our charter is on our forums, here.

If you would like to visit our IRC channel, you can use Mibbit. The channel is #TYR on irc.Coldfront.net.

You can also enquire on TYR by PMing any of the government, or me, in game or on these forums.

So join, and give TYR a try!

You are still welcome on our forum to hang out if you're not interested in membership! We appreciate spam :) and the company too.

Have fun in this wonderful game!


Councillor of Internal Affairs

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Stryker's reasons for being in TYR:

My recruitment reason for being in TYR:

"We are a friendly, close-knit group, that focuses on bonding and teamwork. All we require is that you consume alcohol, (or log in sleep deprived to emulate the drunken effects), and post naked or in bunny slippers... oh, and have hawt poledancing skills.

To give a good example of how close we are, our two largest threads are "Pictures of yourself naked" and "The cuddling train". THAT, my friend is close-knit. Sure, it will leave you a bit unsettled, but we have a large supply of Roofies to help you forget the initiation process."

Too sappy? :o

~ OK, maybe not the one I should go with :P

Well, I posted anyway :D

Just to say, the thread names are mainly jokes :) I hope..

My own reasons for being in TYR:

My reasons for being in TYR:

It was the only alliance which sent me a recruitment message not totally based on wars, strength, and conquering... it was based on community and friendship. And when I came here, everyone was friendly in helping me to grow and prosper in the alliance. I admit I haven't been in any other alliances, so I don't have experience in them, but I don't want to go to another alliance, because I don't personally think they will offer anything better than what I want. It's perfect. And since mingling with other alliances and diplomats is encouraged, I always have something to do. I got really stuck in the alliance when I tasted it's humour :D It's fun, but I would like to tell you, you don't have to take part in it.

Lanna/Star Gazing's reasons for being in TYR:

I am in TYR because it is simply an amazing alliance. It is an alliance that upholds its community before anything else. It is why everyone in TYR get along so well, and are able to work together very easily. It's also why we're more active than most average size alliances, and personally, I pride us on this fact. TYR is also one of the very few true democracies in Planet Bob. The alliance makes a decision based on the choices of our members, and our members alone. Well, except for that one time when Steelese from the Frontier declared June 28, 2009 to be CAPS LOCK DAY. Not only this, but our members always know what's going on in the alliance.

TYR is also one of the very few alliances that the government body are praised for their hard work - and even so, a lot of the help comes from our dedicated membership, which makes everything so fun. Many alliance leaders out there have complained about how much they hate their jobs, but for the government members in TYR, we love what we do!

TYR may not be as old as a lot of alliances out there, but our culture is just as rich, if not richer. Our members, along with our visiting diplomats, contributes a lot to who we are... and I am very proud of who we are!

\o/ Through Yggdrasil's Roots \o/


Ikrolm's reasons for being in TYR:

I am in TYR because I can't find the exit. If I were to find the exit, I would probably still use it, but I would stop to consider because:

TYR is just too Awesome.gif! That and we have a great community of people who aren't likely to go do something stupid.

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