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Government positions?


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I am wondering what effects do each choice have on my nation?

EDIT: I also forgot to ask something, but what land to population ratio do I need in order to get the best environment score?

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Question 1: Anything but 1, that's peace mode only.

Question 2: 2, 3 if you want to buy nukes and have the stuff to do so

Question 3: 2 or 3

Question 4: Anything

Question 5: 2 or 3

The rest: Anything

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For the second question, I think that the proper choices are:

1: If you don't have nukes/uranium trade

2: If you have the uranium trade, but no nukes

3: If you have the uranium trade and nukes

If you have no nukes or uranium, you can pick anything, it won't make a diffence. However, it's best to set it to 2 so that if you get uranium in the future at least you won't have to set it again to get the econ benefit.

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