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Joint Announcement from LEN and OTF

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With great sadness I announce to you today that the League of Extraordinary Nations (LEN) and the OTF Alliance (OTF) are fading into the mists, silenty departing these hallowed halls.

But ...

Those of us who make up the above two wonderful alliances have decided that since we like each other so much and our ideals and values are that similar, we're going to reform under a new banner, bigger, better and deadlier than ever. Silenty deadly.

So, without further drawing out the words, it gives me great pleasure, great honour, to announce that the League of Extraordinary Nations (LEN) and the OTF Alliance (OTF) have merged to form ...



Our charter is available here ... that is, if you want to actually read it ^_^.

As per usual, the Alliance Affiliations (AA) of 'League of Extraordinary Nations' and 'OTF Alliance' are protected by 'Silence' for a period of 14 days. We are also claiming ownership of the AAs 'League of Extraordinary Nations', 'LEN', 'OTF Alliance', 'OTF', by virtue of the fact that these are a part of our history and we don't want that stolen.

We'd like to also thank all past and present LEN/OTF members for the effort they have put into the alliance while they were with us, it is appreciated. A special thank you goes out to goon, for without him, I doubt this merger would of gotten off the ground :wub:

Lastly, before you all run off to our forums or our public IRC channel @ #silence on Coldfront (beers, caek and cookies available), I suppose I should pass on our initial Government of Silence. Annoy the ministers if you want to know anything about Silence or their respective areas.

Trium: Bagpuss, Shakyr, Cilldara

Justice: Cilldara

Minister of Interior: tswsl1989

Minister of Recruitment: Yamin Auk Zafar

Minister of Education: camsampbell

Minister of Foreign Affairs: joshb

Minister of Finance: Ragnor (Scorcher 1)

Minister of Trade: Evry88

Minister of Defence: Thomsonator

o/ OTF

o/ LEN

o/ Silence

The IRC password is muted as until Shak is about i cant turn off the password :(

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Very nice guys. The smarts combined in those two alliances make me real positive about the future of this alliance. :)

Booo no Rhino in gov. That is all. :P


#silence unable to join channel (need correct key)


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