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Gaian's need a new home.

King Kevz

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A significant faction within Pax Pacis and its politics is the Gaian party, whilst the Gaian party did not have the standing to stand up for elections they have been quite active in promoting peace and care for the planet. They have been known to have made peaceful protests in Pax Pacis against the harmful effects that we humans are having on the planet. However, with a new government in place who have promised to come down harder on protesters and criminals the Gaian party and its followers have asked for and been given permission to seek a colony away from the Pax Pacis homeland whilst still retaining their Pax Pacis citizenship.

Lead by Lady Deirdre Skye the Gaian's have located a possible location for their colony however, with the territory in question belonging to the Hanseatic Commonwealth Lady Deirdre is prepared to meet with the Lady Protector to dicuss the neccessary details of aquiring the territory.

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Lady Skye thanks the Lady Protector for being allowed to visit and has left immediatly on a private jet. The flight will take an hour or two at most depending on the weather. She is travelling alone with no escort as she feels that none is required. Again Lady Skye thanks the Lady Protector for allowing her to visit.

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