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1st Parliment of the Alliance


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Alliance News Special Report with Amanda Moran

The first Parliamentary elections occurred across the entirety of the Alliance yesterday. The five provinces of the nation sent forth their reprsentatives totaling 670 members of parliament. As expected the Central Governing Party took the majority. Running on a platform of performance, and qualification. The day's proceedings began with the question of a presiding officer namely the position of Magistrate of the Parliament. A few individuals had already been campaigning among their fellow members for the position but only one of these individuals had the endorsement of the Crown.


His Excellency himself the Regent took the podium delivering a rally point speech for his party calling for "a continued march of progress, and the continuation of the CGP's so far unblemished record of successful performance". Soon after he opened the floor to motions and one was immediately offered by a representative from Province II to elect a presiding officer, more specifically the Magistrate. After a long morning of internal debate amongst the party a decision had finally internally been made. With Unanimous support the Parliamentary Member Mathew Kaine, the former Governor of Province II, was elected to the position of Magistrate. After delivering a short set of remarks, and thanks he cerimoniously opened the first session of parliament.

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