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A message from The Most Interesting Man in the World...

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Schrödinger . . . Porksaber . . . leaders nonpareil, innovators far beyond mortal ken, your future overlords.

So maybe they have trouble spelling their own names correctly, as in using umlaut and actual letters, but that is mere details; the important thing, the datum that will invade your brain and gently but insistently hammer away on your frontal joining lobe, is that they are the wave of the future. Yes, in a year every leader will be exactly as our distinguished duo—only too late, since Messieurs Schrodinger et p0rkSab3r will by then have had a full year to evolve into the next stage of Alliance Leadership: [i]the Penultimate Step[/i], where Man and Machine join to share synapses and perfect the business of statsmanship. And they will do this through skill, sentimentality, showmanship and sassiness.

So join SLCB now. Do it before it becomes the “in” thing to do. Join now and be guaranteed a position as high as you prefer. [size="1"][NB. Offer restricted to Rerollapalooza and environs.][/size]

[b][size="3"]SLCB[/size][/b]—their guns are loaded with wonderfulitude, their caissons with irrepressibilitiveness, their underwaterfloatingvessels with a sort of cardstock related to balsa, their. . . . But why reveal all their internal secrets in public? Join—join, and you too can be a Liberian, free to roam Bob and purge yourself in the fields of Purple!

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[quote name='Erwin Schrodinger' timestamp='1283139287' post='2435389']
Louisa, I think I might love you.

No, you know you do :)

PS. is it true that the Cardboardian national hero is none other than James Buoy? That in itself is a reason better than any to join this fine congregation!

<3 you boxes

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James Buoy: "[url="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/ff/Bowie_Knife_by_Tim_Lively_16.jpg"][b]This[/b] is a knife![/url]"

*wrecks recruitment party*

*membership gives thanks it is not Seaworthy Liberian Rubber Dinghies*

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Seriously, when the enemy is too close to properly aim and reload (in time) the harpoons, we switch almost exclusively to bowie knives. The scary part being that porksaber uses three at the same time. Of course, nobody has actually seen this, since nobody who has ever fought him in such a battle has lived to let us know just how he does this, and he is normally so far ahead of the membership in battles that we don't even know.

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