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Procinctia-Slavorussian Alliance


Procinctia and Slavorussia, two countries who wish to make official their old and long lasting friendship and mutual cooperation in international affairs, hereby agree to this pact.

Article I: Non Aggression

Both Procinctia and Slavorussia agree not to initiate any form of hostile actions against the other, and shall keep an open line of communications between both governments.

Article II: Mutual Defense

Both nations agree to aid and defend one another in times of war. If one nation becomes the victim of an outside aggressor the other is obligated, by this pact, to aid with political, monetary and military resources.

Article III: Optional Aggression

If one signatory engages in any aggressive action the other is not obligated to assist, but are encouraged to if necessary.

Article IV: Intelligence Sharing

If either signatory of this pact receives sensitive information concerning the safety and security of the other they are required to share it and when applicable the source of said information.

Article V: Withdrawal

Either signatory may withdraw from this pact at any time, but they are required to notify the other signatory forty-eight (48) hours prior.

Signed for Procinctia,

Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia

Liska Atka, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Empire of Slavorussia,

Dowager Regent Maria Romanov

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

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