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FIRE Edict

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FIRE believes the claims by TAB to be complete !@#$%^&*. MD is a very good friend of mine, and so I'd like to help him out in ensuring his alliance has the opportunity to grow and succeed in peace.

The Blue Turtle Alliance is now a protectorate of FIRE. An attack on them is an attack on us, and will be treated as such.


This is an official request to Master Debater to re-think his decision.

We thought about it, and we made a decision. Thanks.

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Well, where do I start....I've known MD since our time of serving in the League as senators together. That was over two years ago or three?(I'm can't even remember these days). I always found him to be a pleasure when talking to. As a former founder I feel he has the right to restart his alliance he founded long ago. If any outside force big or small attempts to choose the less diplomatic path it could get ugly quickly. If the true mission of Karma is a free and free spoken CN there should be no issues. If there is then clearly some alliances need to still be taught a lesson. I welcome my turtle friends to the family. I know a lot of TAB and most of them are good people. I hope they will really review this situation and reconsider the negative position they have taken.

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While now, if this doesn't make things a bit more interesting.

Red team keeps up its tradition of saying 'come get it.'

Wow. Your more informed then the people this situation involves. I thought this was friends standing by friends clearly I have no idea what is going on.

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Was this the most diplomatic way to announce this?

Just as diplomatic as the way TAB made their announcement.

FIRE are a close ally of our brothers in Viridia and I applaud the stance they have taken and will gladly bring my lightsaber to battle if the situation requires it.

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I don't really think it is wrong though on either account. I love public posturing it makes this place much more fun.

Can't really argue with that. :v:

Defending your friends is never wrong.

Neither is wanting to preserve culture.

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