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An Announcement from M*A*S*H


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28 June 2007

The Organised Nations Of Superiority has fallen from sanction, and the restriction on members leaving has been lifted. Ivan Moldavi, Viceroy of ONOS, has decreed that the Occupation has ended.

On another part of the globe, three ONOS expatriates, not finding any home comparable to ONOS, founded the Mighty Armed States of Honor. The three were Col.Fitswilliam of Jamoney, McLaren, and Flonker of New Bananaland, with Col. Fitswilliam taking the office of Commanding Officer, Mac taking Executive Officer, and Flonker taking the role of Senior Drill Instructor (aka Minister of War & Defense). M*A*S*H grew rapidly, and joined the Offspring bloc and became one of its leading military partners. When Offspring dissolved, IAFC merged into M*A*S*H.

Originally setting up on Green, M*A*S*H moved to Brown due to the Bilrow Doctrine, and found a protectorate with The Legion, a friendship that lasts to this day. M*A*S*H entered the Unjust War in defense of The Legion, and engaged targets in SPAM and \m/. M*A*S*H dished out over 95% anarchies to its opponents, taking anarchies only from nuclear attacks. It was the first global war many of M*A*S*H's membership had been involved in.

Postwar, NRGW merged into M*A*S*H, and M*A*S*H became active in Brown sphere politics, signing into BUTT and UPS 2.0, and in mid-April, M*A*S*H left UPS 2.0 and Brown, migrating to Purple, where we recieved a glowing reception and an invitation to P.E.A.C.E. In May 2008, the TAA merged into M*A*S*H. In late August 2008, M*A*S*H got involved in War of the Coalition it was called on by its Purple brothers and sisters to defend their homeland. M*A*S*H fought against HPS for a total of 2 days and anarchied half the members of HPS. M*A*S*H also got into the Universalis-Legion War by declaring on Universalis, and kept Universalis in a constant state of war until the outbreak of the Karma War. In October 2008, members of the ANA, a M*A*S*H protectorate, merged into M*A*S*H, and following the disbandment of M*A*S*H's oldest ally, PLUS, several of their members also joined.

On the eve of the outbreak of the Karma War, M*A*S*H changed its government from a single leader to a Triumvirate of Commanding Generals, selecting Col. Fitswilliam, Flonker, and Boomerisgod (a.k.a. i hate cybernations) as the initial Generals. Boomer unfortunately succumbed to the dreaded Real Life, and was replaced by RpR Francheezi, the first leader who was not an ONOS expatriate. M*A*S*H entered the war on the Karma side, much to the distress of The Legion and P.E.A.C.E. However, M*A*S*H declared that no Purple targets would be engaged, and instead, declared on Grand Global Alliance in defense of Athens. A hard-fought war found GGA surrendering, and the postwar phase of existance began.

M*A*S*H is rebuilding still, aiding her allies The Legion in its rebuild, and tightening and improving its foreign relations. Relatively stable at 140+ members and 4 million nation strength, M*A*S*H looks to the future for further growth and life on Planet Bob. Today, we are two years old, and our motto is still clear in our minds:

War is our business, Peace is our profession.

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Congratulations to M*A*S*H. :D

Despite not having "formal" ties outside of the PEACE treaty, I've always felt a kinship with you since we were the only PEACE only signatories. Looks like our exclusive club is expanding, but I'll continue to follow you guys with interest.

Happy birthday from SNAFU, here's to many more!

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