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Budha Smiles Again

king of cochin

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And hence Kingdom of Cochin is nuclear.

At the Strategic Testing Facility Cochin created history by testing its first nuclear weapon at the Dept of Natural Resources Mining Center. The depleted coal mine had sufficient amounts of lead and copper in it to contain the radiation.

It was a fusion bomb which has a design yield of 25MT. Concurrent development of a launch platform has given Cochin its durable GSV class of rockets which can be retooled to the GG19 missile in a matter of hours.

A Palace press release stated that the missile systems , whose numbers were not mentioned, shall be under Strategic Command authority. The weapon tested at the Strategic Testing Facility, Yining has a nomenclature of C-22. The press release also mentioned the cruise launched variety, the C50 which has a design yield of 500 KT. The cruise missile variants are being delivered to the various Royal Cochin Navy Task Forces deployed around the world as the briefing was being done.

The head of this Project Budha is Dr. Baba Kalyani , a celebrated Nuclear Physicist and a team of Nuclear Scientists from Varma Institute of Fundamental Research and other prominent Universities in Cochin. A spokesperson for the Project said that the Project shall continue its work to develop further classes of weapons and better weaponization.

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OOC: Fair enough.

IC: In a subsequent press release Project Budha spokesmen said that the C22 has a yield of 500 KT. It is rumored that the explosive tested at the Strategic Testing Facility, Yining is an experimental device and not a proper weapon, hence its yield cannot be used for an actual device pending further research and development into specific weaponization.

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