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State of the Alliance

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State of the Alliance

This week saw membership numbers rise to 185, an increase of 10 from last week. The total nation strength now approached 3.4 million which our average nation strength has dropped to approximately 18,100.

In domestic news the resumption of recruitment has now gained momentum with a number of members making use of Lizzardtheone’s recruitment program to attract new members to the alliance. The influx of new blood into the alliance will be a positive for the alliance and with the recruitment program being designed to develop the alliance in a controlled manner; we look forward to continued growth in numbers and strength over the coming months.

The Siberian Trophy is three games into season eleven with Jarkko’s Zavod Ural Salikamsk sitting on top of the table in the top division after a 1-0 away win over FC Tigris Altaica yesterday. Another newly promoted team, Lysotine’s Los Banditos, is in second place with Uhtred’s Bamburgh FC and Lammoth’s Condatis Town a further point behind. In the Cup division, The Rebel’s Rebel United shares the lead with Iulio Caesaro’s Lombardia FC, both teams with a perfect start to the season and have opened a significant gap over third place.

During the week the Foreign Affairs Department have been busy with two more treaty upgrades. The Mutual Defence Pacts with Mushroom Kingdom and Nueva Vida were upgraded to Mutual Defence/Optional Aggression Pacts to allow the alliance greater flexibility to assist our allies in their time of need.

Militarily, we have had a quiet week with no issues to report. A number of new members have taken the Tech Raiding exam during the week but there have been no reports of rogue activity concerning the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

Overall, this week has seen the recruitment drive start to pay dividends as our numbers and total strength increase. With our dedicated and skilled recruiters we are sure to see more new members over the coming weeks which will assist us to continue our steady growth.

Za Sibir’!

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