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Opening of the Royal Embassy


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs :: Caen, Normandie


The Ministry of Foreign affairs has announced the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, and the opening of it to all foreign diplomats. When sent, they will be assigned an office in the building, with a lobby and adjacent office rooms and living quarters for each suite.

For Diplomats:

Nation Name:
Head of State:
Diplomat's Name:
Personal Staff:

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Nation Name: Promised Land

Head of State: Subtleknifewielder

Diplomat's Name: Roselyn Sawyer

Personal Staff: Four guards and a single aide to act as substitue in case of incapacitation

Thank you Ms. Sawyer, your suite is on the sixth floor, suite 613.

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Nation Name: New England

Head of State: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Diplomat's Name: Mariah Nunez

Personal Staff: Three guards (with German Shepherd guard dogs) and two aides.

Heh, the funny thing is that we have a suite that has facilities for dogs. Second floor, suite 205.

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Nation Name: Arctica

Head of State: Vedran

Diplomat's Name: Charles Ratsirahonana

Personal Staff: Security; assorted phone-calling, paper-writing, coffee-fetching ambassadorial staff; various attach├ęs. Normal stuff.

Your nation is welcome to apply for an embassy with our Foreign Ministry as well.

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