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Meeting Concerning Swizterland


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Private Communique sent to the General Administrator of the Alliance

To: The Office of the General Administrator
From: Swiss Represetnative Pascal Couchepin


In light of the recent collapse of the GNR, the Central European Union has granted us permission to approach the Alliance regarding the annexation of the Swiss Territory. We would like to invite you to a meeting site in Zurich Switzerland where terms may be discussed. Details Enclosed.


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Devereaux smiled to himself when he received the communication; he had thought that he would have to go to government of Prussia, but it seems the territory itself was interested in annexation already. Devereaux turned to his attendant, "Tell the representative we accept his invitation and will be arriving shortly."

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Devereaux entered the meeting room followed by his several attendance. "Such a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Devereaux." Pascal said reaching to take the mans hand.

"The pleasure is mine." Thomas returned. Pascal offered him and his advisors seats.

"So, right to business then?" The man asked. Devereaux nodded.

"You are interested in us Annexing you?"

"Indeed, for the last five years our people have been a capital to the Nords. That isn't to say they were horrible people, but we have been both culturally and socially opressed in the sense that they prefer their own people for leadership positions, and that we haven't been able to express ourselves. Of course... now that they are gone we have no intellectual capital, governmental structure, or even industrial base to get us going. So, we come to the only other Swiss nation in the world... the Alliance."

"Fair, we would be willing to help you out. We are considerably technologically advanced, and we have the resource to put Switzerland back on its feet." Pascal enjoyed how nonchalant Devereaux was being. He was clearly trying to not give away how much he really wanted the territory.

"Lets try to be a little more forthright here Mr. Devereaux. I've read your writings, I've talked to your friends; you want this territory more than anything else. Aquiring it is one of your own family's goals. First its not going to be free, and second I don't mean in the way of money. We expect you to invest economically into the territory, thats not one of our demands. We will however only consent to an annexation under three conditions." Thomas's face went from his typical superficial charm to an emotionless face. This wasn't what he had expected... though it could be reconciled.

"Alright, what are your conditions?"

"First the Alliance would need to permanently move its capital to Switzerland. Pick any city you like, build one if you want, but it must be within this territory." Devereaux had planned on moving his capital there.

"That is acceptable."

"Alright, second, we understand that you are swiss, as with your upper leadership, but we would also like the local bureaucracy and local officials to be staffed by people from our population or by our Heritage. We won't go so far as to say no non-swiss individual is welcome, but we would like the majority to be drawn from our local population."


"And third... we feel the only way that the people of your nation can be adequately heard by the government is through some measure of democratic reform. We honestly don't care if alternative ideas to your own ideology make their way through, as we agree that neutral pragmatism basically covers the basis, but we think democratic reprsentation will ensure a measure of qualification and performance. We also think individuals who have a connection to smaller localities will notice smaller issues and bring them to the government more effectively than your own office alone could do. Surely that makes sense to you." Devereaux bit his lip.

"I'll be honest with you reprsentative, I detest Democracy, not only in the sense that I am an Authoritarian, but also on the level that I think it is more dictatorial than dictatorship could ever be."

"I know... and in some ways I agree with your analysis. However, I think a compromise between the systems can be reached. You already have a political party, the CGP which has a legal monopoly on politics. Create the parliament, and open it up to to independent candidates but take steps to ensure your own party retains that monopoly. Make democracy about qualification, and performance rather than ideas; and the same managing spirit that you have led will persist." Devereaux sighed...

"Alright, I can do that."

"Great, then we have an accord." Pascal stood shaking the other man's hand once more.

"I will make the announcement soon." Devereaux left.

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