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The Turtles are Back

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Today is a great day for Turtle kind. The Blue Turtle Alliance is officially reborn.

The BTA’s past is a long and colorful one and a new chapter is written today. Through hard work and friendship the BTA can crawl out of its shell and appear in the world once again.

This is the charter of the Blue Turtle Alliance as set forth by the founders and ratified by the government.

Article One.


Any nation may apply to join the BTA at any time. To apply one needs to pots an application on our forums with the criteria set forth by the leading recruiter.

Nations involved in a war when they applied will not become full members until their wars expire. They may fly the AA but are not considered members unless approved.

Any member may be ejected by a Consul or the Oracle.

Article Two.

General Principles

The BTA is a peaceful alliance dedicated to the advancement of honor. Each member of the BTA is expected to act calmly and in a respectful manner at all times. Each member is required to come to the aid of the BTA in a time of war. Members are expected to respect the principles of the Numbers and follow their orders. Failure to do so will be met with punishment.

Article Three


The government of the BTA will be headed by the Oracle. The Oracle will have the final say on all matters and is considered the head of the BTA. The Oracle will be the only one with the ability to declare offensive war. Defensive war may be declared if both Consuls approve it. Oracles may retire when they wish to but must name a successor before they can retire.

There will be Two Consuls that will be the second in command on issues. They will have the ability to order the numbers around as well as set policy. These members will be chosen by the Oracle and will help the Oracle carry out the duties required to help the BTA function. A Consul may be removed by the Oracle with the support of the second Consul or a majority of the Numbers.

There will be Ten members given a number. These Numbers will run from 1-10 . A number will have the ability to order any member to perform any act, that does not include declarations of war or actions that go against this charter. The numbers will be chosen by the Oracle. Any number may retire at any given time. When they retire a replacement will be named. Numbers may be replaced at any time by the Oracle.

Article Four

Tech Raids

All members are allowed to tech raid when they have passed a basic tech raiding test. Once they have completed this test they are allowed to raid as long as they follow the rules. A member who initiates a raid against the rules will receive a strike. Two strikes and the member will lose their tech raiding license for an appropriate period of time. A third strike within the probation time will be cause for ejection of the member. A member who raids prior to passing the tech raiding test will not be allowed to tech raid again until a Number or higher gives the OK to tech raid.

Article Five

Nuclear Weapons

All members of the BTA are encouraged to create nuclear weapons. All nations may fire nuclear weapons in a defensive war or tech raid. Offensive wars must have approval for any nuclear weaponry to be fired. Any member who fires a nuclear weapon without proper adherence to these guidelines will face appropriate punishment.

Article Six


This charter may be amended at any time. To amend the charter the Oracle and at least one Consul must approve the change.

This is the Charter of the Blue Turtle Alliance.

Now here is our treaty with our friends in FOB.

Pirate Turtles


Both Pirates and Turtles love water. In their quest to enjoy time in and on the water the two will remain good friends.


Due to their love of the waters of the world the Pirates and Turtles agree to never endanger their love by attacking each other.


From time to time a land lover may attempt to disrupt the waters of the world. In the event this happens the Turtles and Pirates are expected to come to the aid of the other to defeat the land lovers.


In the event that a water loving alliance invades a land lover the other water loving alliance may be requested to help out. It is not required, but it is highly encourage, to help the invasion of land loving alliances.


In the event that either alliance wishes to return to the water on their own they may inform the other alliance of their intentions. When this happens this treaty will remain in effect for 72 hours, followed by a 48 hour NAP.

Signed for the Federation of Buccaneers

Pirate King- Runz & Sagha

Signed for the Blue Turtle Alliance

Master-Debater Oracle

o/ FOB

o/ BTA

Our Forums are at www.BlueTurtles.net

Our IRC is #BTA on Coldfront

Our Charter is on our forums

The BTA is a Black team alliance

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I hope you got permission from CIS to do this. Remember TAB? They *are* the original BTA. Whether you founded BTA or not, you should have cleared it with them first.

TAB is not BTA and the current CIS is not the old CIS. This is a fresh start for the BTA, and bringing CIS up is as silly as condemning CIS for events two years old.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

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