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Chronicles of Weapon Research


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OOC: Everything in this RP can be considered to be Highly Classified with maximum Security present and only a few actually knowing what is going on.


(Special Research Facility, Osijek, Croatia, Greater Croatia)

A car drove to the base in Osijek recently the construction of a Military facility was finished what was going to happen there would be most likely lack support from the general population as such the Imperial Guard took a leadership role on political level only a few knew, the Empress, Prime Minister and Head of the Imperial Guard. Secrecy was enforced as such the Guards protecting the base only knew that research was conducted there. The Scientists working on the project or people just present in the actual base were not allowed to leave the base to make this possible a constant flow of Resources and filtered mail would allow them to somewhat feel at home. As the car arrived it went through several checkpoints where it was constantly checked for any kind of way to communicate to the outside. After the check-ups it went through a hallway connecting the base to the open world again with several gates and checkpoints. When it finally arrived at the parking section of the base the Head Scientist of the project left his car to not use it again for as long as the project would take. Once actually in the Security was low with only a few guards, however nothing more was needed as there wouldn't be a way to get out anyway not without authorization from above. After a while he arrived at the Storage Department where several other scientists were making sure the specimens were secure and frozen.

"2 of the most lethal diseases known to humans and we have a whole room filled with them"he said low so no one could hear it.

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