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Earlier this morning a surprising message from Battlestar Pegasus' CIC ordered soldiers and military forces to begin withdrawing from the nations they have been fighting in and to return to the fleet leaving behind the wrecked and near annihilated Pacifican nations which had been targets for endless orbital bombardments and Raptor attack runs over the last few months.

The reason for the end to the fighting was mentioned in a live broadcast stating that the governing leaders of the fleet had become far more interested in their own people's wellbeing than to continue fighting an enemy who's back is broken, and while the fleet shall continue to monitor the state of the NPO's power as a whole and the ongoing Karma War, this shall most likely be the last act the fleet takes in it.

There has also been considerable interest shown in setting up a number of colonies on the surface of Bob and already a number of aged proto-Vipers (Cobra class interceptors) have begun to make recon runs across the Indonesian islands and the continent of Asia seeking possible landing sites for the first ships to begin leaving orbit to begin laying down foundations for new buildings.

It shall however, most likely be some time before this can begin.

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